This is something I’ve thought about since the start of the year. Before I start this post, I know that botox isn’t for everyone. I’m not promoting botox in this post I’m merely sharing my experience of getting it done. I’d love to not say anything and pretend to you you all that I’m ageing gracefully but unfortunately that is not the case. Some of you will say I’m too young at 28 and some of you will won’t even care but it was a decision I wanted to make for me and nobody else. It’s been on my mind for ages. I found that I was really hating my forehead every time I took a selfie and I’d use the best lighting possible just so you couldn’t see wrinkles. It wasn’t terrible now at all but it was bad enough that I noticed them. I had them either side of my forehead I could start seeing lines and in the middle of my eyebrows.


I’ve been going to the Beacon Face and Dermatology clinic for nearly two years now. I get my hydra facials done every two/three months there and most recently got my lips done there back in June too. Mr. Golchin is an expert in what he does and when I mentioned I was thinking about botox, he was able to speak me through the whole process. I was nervous thinking about it so I spent 4 months debating back & forth, will I, won’t I? But in the end I gave in and decided to go for it. I’d nothing to loose and if I didn’t like it, it would wear off after a while anyway.

I was nervous going in on the day just because I really really hate needles. Just like my lips, Mr. Golchin instantly put me at ease. He talked me through the process, what he was going to do and what would happen after. Genuinely before I knew it, it was all over. About 4-5 needles in my forehead and I was done. It was super quick and I didn’t feel anything at all. I merely closed my eyes and it was over. I didn’t notice anything straight away but I knew that anyway.

Mr. Golchin had explained that it would take 4-10 days to see it work properly. I’d say after about 4-5 days I could start seeing a difference. I couldn’t believe how smooth my forehead was on day 6. It was absolutely perfect and when I put my makeup on, it just sat there. I remember by day 9, I was only loving life doing my makeup. As I only got very little botox, you don’t see a massive difference. I wanted it to be subtle and that’s exactly what Mr. Golchin done. I did however notice that my left eye was slightly droopy so I messaged the girls in the Beacon and they reassured me immediately that it was just the Botox settling into my face. I went for my two week check up and Mr. Golchin had a look at my face making two slight changes which is perfectly normal. He said my right eyebrow was raised slightly so changed it for me. All this took about 5 minutes so when they say you can go on your lunch break, you really can. It’s amazing how quickly the process takes. Mr. Golchin was happy with the results and said to come back in a few months but everything should be fine.

Here are three photos below of my BEFORE AND AFTER shots.

Relaxed Face


Frown Face


Raised Eyebrows


The prices at the Beacon Face & Dermatology clinic are as follows;

Frown, forehead or crows feet

Each classed as 1 area.

Mr Kambiz Golchin @mrgolchin

1 area: €300

2 areas: €450

3 areas: €550

Dr Orla Grimes @drorlagrimes

1 area: €275

2 areas: €350

3 areas: €475

Your consultation and treatment includes a complimentary review appointment 2 weeks later for the doctors to see & chart how everything has settled and provide any top ups/ adjustments if patients request or doctors suggest. I was told that the majority of patients who have been treated at the clinic over the past decade tend to not avail of their review appointments anymore as the doctors have their dosage down to a fine art. The team are always encouraging patients especially new ones to come back and avail of their 2 week review so the doctors can access how everything has settled for them. I genuinely cannot stress enough how professional Mr. Golchin is. The standards that this clinic has are incredibly high and there is no room for error. After all I’ve only got one face so that’s why I go to Mr. Golchin as I know he’s amazing at what he does & I know nothing will go horribly wrong.

You can read more on their website HERE or contact the clinic directly on 01-213 6220.

I hope that gave you a slight bit more understanding to botox and as always I am totally honest on my blog and wouldn’t get something done & try and hide it from you all. I’m not ashamed I got it done as SO many people have it done and say nothing.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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