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The highly anticipated blog post that so many of you have requested, my trip to Marbs. Where do I even begin? Ok I know I know, I’m terrible. It’s been over a month since Marbella and I didn’t get this post done until now. I won’t lie I’ve no excuses at all just took some ‘time out’. It was weird not writing posts for the past 6 weeks but look I’m on a roll here and have about 5 ready to go. I did a few posts but not as much as my usual. Anyway back to all things Marbella.

I hadn’t been to Marbella in years and especially as an ‘adult’. I’d been a few times when I was younger but nothing like this. I soooo did not want to leave. It was such an amazing trip. It was only for three nights but with a swap in work I managed to stay an extra night so total of 4 nights. First of all we got a private car from the airport to the hotel. This is so handy, however it does cost a bit more. It just meant we didn’t have to worry or think when we got there. It cost us €140 round trip for the two of us. Our driver was so lovely and friendly. I stayed at the stunning Sisu Boutique Hotel. I had heard of this hotel before and thought the decor was really cool so I knew I wanted to stay here. There was also a massive pool party on the Tuesday so I thought it would be great to stay there for handiness sake too.

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The hotel is amazing and totally chic. The cocktails are fabulous, the staff are amazing, so attentive and the food is to die for. They have the coolest rooftop restaurant and bar with views over the whole of Marbella. It is so romantic and the perfect date if you were with someone. The first night we arrived later in the evening so we literally got in, changed and jumped in a taxi. We went straight for the marina in Puerto Banus to a beautiful little Italian then went to the fabulous cocktail bar Astral. The cocktail bar does the most gorgeous cocktails. We got an array of them & they also give you complimentary popcorn to snack on. It was late but we took a walk on the beach before heading home which was amazing.


I wanted to have breakfast at this restaurant that I heard great reviews. It was called The Boardwalk (see below) in Marbella town. It’s just on the beach and the view is so pretty. We took a 20minute taxi from our hotel to the restaurant, had our food, went for a walk along the boardwalk and headed back for the pool party at Sisu. I recommend maybe having drinks in your room before heading down to the pool party because the drinks in Sisu are crazy money. There was a huge queue to get into the pool party so it was definitely beneficial being hotel residents. The party was insane, think champagne spray & gorgeous people. We partied pretty much all day from 2 until 7 then got changed and headed to the rooftop bar for dinner. We hadn’t made a reservation but it was quiet thank god so we just walked in.


The rooftop is a MUST. I cannot recommend this anymore. It was so romantic and the sunset over the city was out of this world. I had the most amazing meal I think I’ve ever ever had in this restaurant. We got shisha afterwards & then headed to some bars in Puerto Banus. This night was so much fun from start to finish and even though it was only two of us we had such a laugh. Day three was due to be our last day however thankfully by chance, I got a swap for the 4th day and we ended up being able to stay another night.


When in Marbella you have to go to La Sala for brunch. We just loved it and actually ended up going back again on our last day. This was another recommendation but I knew about it from before too. We had breakfast here and lunch and neither disappointed. That day we just took a walk along the marina and went shopping. I was so tired from the previous night that it was just about chilling that day. Our final night saw us meet my friend and her husband who were holidaying in Marbella for a few weeks. We ended up in the club Funky Buddha which is a great nightclub just off the marina.

Lots of people asked me since my trip about my clothes and what to wear whilst you are there. If I’m honest everything goes just like any normal holiday. I did find people did dress up a lot more down at the port. The port has some incredible restaurants and the yachts are just wow! So naturally you will see people a lot more dressed up. I kind of dress up on holidays anyway but when you are at the pool parties you can go all out. The more different the outfit the better, the more jewels, glitter & headpieces the better. It’s very glam. I didn’t get to Ocean Beach Club this trip but I’ll definitely go to the champagne spray next time.

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Our last day was spent lying on the beach drinking mocktails and relaxing. It was just so nice. The heat was just perfect. We went for a stroll and got massages at the beach club on the beach too. For July the weather was just right. It wasn’t too hot and we were able to actually walk around. Sometimes July can be far too hot for people but this year it was just right. I’d love to go back again but the season is nearly over now. I might try go in November for a few days but we’ll see. As I hadn’t been in years, I kept full on thinking it was going to be TOWIE central but it wasn’t half as bad as I thought. Now there is some amount of posers and the guys look more groomed than some of the girls but it wasn’t as tacky as people make out.


Everyone has to go once. It’s such a nice place and you don’t need to stay in Puerto Banus, you can go to the old town as well and venture out if you rent a car. We went mostly by taxi everywhere as we weren’t too far but a car would be handy too.


Until next time Marbs…..I’ll get my blog post up about Lisbon next week for you all too. Lisbon was so much fun and a city I already cannot wait to return to.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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