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So many of you mail me on a daily basis asking me how I style a piece or how I put an outfit together so I felt by doing a blog post on it might be easier for you all. Firstly i think knowing your body shape is key. Knowing what suits you and what doesn’t. Over the past 5-6 years and working in fashion, I’ve really come to learn more about what actually suits my body shape. I know I’ve broad shoulders, I know I’m not the skinniest of girls, I know high waist just doesn’t suit me, I know that I like longer sleeves covering my arms and I know that I like my legs. Even though I have a blog and a small following on social media, I wouldn’t be the most confident girl ever. I most definitely feel very body conscious a lot of the time. I very very rarely wear anything tight on my body but I know what suits me it I do. Here is some of the pieces I have styled this Summer.

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If you feel conscious about your top half then jeans and a longer style top with heels will work for you. For instance this outfit below I’ve done just that. I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with my mid drift so I wore a slightly baggy silk top here. This came down a little bit to cover my thighs also. There is another photo below to show you what I mean about the long top idea.

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If you feel conscious about your arms, there are so many dresses you can get with long sleeves now. You can even wear a nice white shirt under a sleeveless dress either if you feel like it. This dress I wore here below, I wasn’t 100% confident wearing but I could have put a nice white shirt under it and it still would have been nice too.


This yellow dress I wore last month to an event was perfect but on the body it was frumpy looking so I decided to put a belt to give it more shape. I most definitely wouldn’t have worn the dress without the belt. So something as simple as a belt can totally transform a dress.


With my style, it’s actually very simple. I’m not too out there but I don’t play it safe either. I know what suits me and what doesn’t. This is so important. Don’t go too much out of your comfort zone as you just won’t feel comfortable on the day. I think clothes can really give you confidence so if you feel nice in something you’ll feel good about yourself. I might wear a plain pair of jeans with a trench coat but put it with a stripy t-shirt and cool flat sandals. Then I might pop a red handbag to standout of the outfit. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I also ADORE floral and as you can see below I’ve a lot of outfits in floral pieces. Personally it makes me happy and I feel confident wearing anything floral. Some people hate it but I love it. I personally would be a huge fan of stripes but if I do wear them I do it subtly.

I do get a lot of my outfit inspiration from Pinterest. Sometimes if I buy a certain piece like let’s say ‘pink Bardot top’ like the one I got below in Penneys, I will put pink Bardot top outfit into Pinterest and it will give me so many ideas from that. Sometimes I take an idea from one outfit and an idea from another, it all depends. This is a great way to help you put outfits together too.


Lots of you always say ‘Aoibhe I never get nice things in Penneys like you’. I’d say that is said to me at least 30 times minimum a week. When I go to Penneys I really look. I walk around and if something catches my eye I grab it, then I go around some more. It’s all about piecing things together. For instance last week, I ended up staying an extra night away so I popped into Penneys in Killarney and picked up nearly a full outfit. The WHOLE outfit below is from Penneys apart from my bag and sunglasses. It’s about seeing what works together and what doesn’t. Spend time in the changing room, think about the pieces and what will go with something you already have at home. I love outfit planning so this helps, some people hate it.


My signature look would have to be THE BLAZER. I literally have about 25 of them in all different colours and lengths. I know I feel nice in it, I know they look good and most importantly I feel comfortable in them. Find that piece that works for you. I know a girl who adores skirts. She never wears trousers and she knows skirts look good on her which they do. She wears midi lengths, short lengths, full length, she has them all. Find that piece that works for you. I also love long sleeve dresses as I feel they make my chest look a lot smaller than it is. I have quite big boobs and I’m conscious of that all the time. Wearing longer sleeves I feel work good for me and I don’t feel so bare. Also I know that A line skirts and dresses suit me more than tighter style dresses. I feel more confident wearing this particular style of dress. It’s taken me probably about 6 years to get to this point. As you can see the blazer obsession is very real 😀

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If you aren’t sure about what suits you and what doesn’t, why not visit a personal stylist in a high street store? The likes of Topshop and River Island always have people on hand to help you and as it’s their industry they can talk you through what’s good for you and what’s not. I know that it takes time and so many people struggle to find that perfect top, jeans or dress but with a little patience you’ll get there. Maybe one day you go in and try on EVERY style of jeans just so you can see which perfect shape suits you right. I promise you will thank yourself for it after you do it.

More outfit inspo :)

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I hope that might help some of you that have been mailing me regarding this. Style is such a personal thing but with an open mind to trying new things on, you might even surprise yourself.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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