Between me being in London this week with work and then not being able to use a phone or laptop, I’ve been quite absent on Instagram and Facebook. So I FINALLY got a chance this evening to edit and get this post up. I hope you enjoy it. If you are planning on heading to Berlin it most certainly will help you out.

Last Sunday I surprised Andrew with a day trip to Berlin. It was his birthday the previous week and I had got him a few bits but decided to surprise him with this. I gave him clues from his birthday right up to the day before we left. He hadn’t a clue where he was going until we got to the gate in Dublin Airport. It was actually so exciting for me as he didn’t want to know anyway which was good. The clues were wrecking his head as he just couldn’t figure out where he was going. I booked the seats for the early Berlin flight so we were leaving Dublin at 6.45am. It was an early start but it meant we had the full day in Berlin. 


When we arrived it was glorious weather and the sun was shining. That’s all I had wanted was sunshine, I didn’t care if it was cold just once it was a nice day. We got to Berlin we took the TXL bus to the centre of Berlin. I would highly recommend it as it took 40mins and only cost us €7 return. I actually couldn’t get over how cheap Berlin was. We arrived into the Alexanderplatz in the centre of Berlin at about 10.30am their time. I immediately saw the Berliner Fernsehturmyou actually can’t miss it. If you googled a photo of Berlin, this is the first thing you will see. We grabbed a quick coffee & snack off we wandered. When we were in Amsterdam last year, we rented bikes and I found it was so good to see more of the city. It’s not that I don’t enjoy walking but I just felt the bikes were something different and something we don’t do at home. So I convinced Andrew to rent bikes again just as we were only there for the day, it meant we could see even more of the city that way. Everyone had actually said you do a lot of walking in Berlin so it was nice to get the bikes. It cost us €14 for each bike for the day and we just had to have them back by 6pm. 


So when we got the bikes there was a few sights that we wanted to see so we used an app Andrew has. It’s actually so handy when your in a new city. You can load all the places you want to see on the map and then it’s easier to find when you are there. You don’t need wifi to use it which is even better. First stop was the Berliner Dom. It’s a incredible building and I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. We just sat there in the sunshine looking at it. The detail was out of this world. Next stop was the market nearby. The market had the most INSANE art, like pieces I had never seen before. Art layered over newspaper, people free handing painting in front of us, it was so nice to see. They were all so talented and I spotted this artist’s paintings hanging up on the river so naturally it was a perfect shot. I appreciate art so much as I know how long people spend and the work/detail that goes into them. I got an A in Leaving Cert Art and I would be a very arty person so I love seeing other people’s work. 

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After the market, it was about a 10minute cycle to our next place. When in Berlin, cars are everywhere so watch for them 😉 On the way Andrew spotted a Mercedes Benz store filled with cars so of course he wanted to go in. I’m obsessed with the A-class AMG Mercedes so I kinda wanted to go in too. It wasn’t long before we were finally at the Brandenburg Gate. WOW what a structure. It was HUGE. The area around it was packed and there were people playing music & dancing. It was really nice to see. Very near to the Brandenburg Gate is The Holocaust Memorial. This was kind of creepy. I don’t know how I felt about it really at all. I mean it was fascinating to see but just very sad. I’ve never been to Auswitz either so I presume it’s very similar. 



Back on our bikes, we headed for lunch. I had booked a special lunch up in the Berliner Fernsehturm. You have to prebook a window seat in advance for the best views. It costs €40 for two people but it was soooo worth it. I can’t recommend it enough. Up we went 368m to a panoramic view over the whole of Berlin. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was incredible. All the buildings we saw were in the distance and we could see them in all their glory. The day was so sunny and bright so made it even nicer. The restaurant is a revolving restaurant which was so cool. I got ravioli and Andrew got a burger, we had drinks and coffee & the whole meal only came to €47!!!!!!! So cheap. That’s something to note also. Everything is quite cheap in Berlin so don’t expect to pay crazy money. We were pleasantly surprised. 

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After lunch we cycled for what felt like ages but it wasn’t really, all the way to the Eastside Gallery. This is where the Berlin Wall is and the graffiti of Berlin. Andrew is obsessed with Street Art so we had to see it. It was such a chilled place and loads of people just out drinking by the river. As we had to have the bikes back, we didn’t stay too long but it was so good to see it all.

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 Back into the city, we dropped off the bikes and went for a little walk. As it was a Sunday, most of the shops were closed so if you plan to shop don’t go on a Sunday. We walked around the park and got Dunkin donuts to eat in the sunshine. It was time to get the bus back to the airport sadly however we had an amazing day in Berlin. The TXL is also the bus back to the airport. 


We had such a fabulous day in Berlin and I would highly recommend it. We had always wanted to go, so it was nice to finally make it there. So where to next you may ask? Portugal is up next, in just two weeks time. We are going over to look at a POTENTIAL wedding venue. We have yet to decide on a location 😀 We have three in mind, one in Ireland, one in Portugal and one in Venice.

When you work for an airline, you need to make the most of it which that I am certainly doing. 

Love Aoibhe xxx

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