There was a bit of a delay in this post as I was just so busy for the first two weeks of the month that I never got a chance to really sit down and write. When I write I swear it actually makes me so happy. So people will laugh but genuinely it does. There is just something so therapeutic about it and I love it. So This Month I’m….want to know more of what I’m loving, missing and excited for?

Clicking on…..
Optilase.com 🙂 I have been wanting to get laser eye surgery for almost a year and a half now. I am not going to lie I have been very scared thinking about it and the whole procedure. I decided a few weeks back that I would just book one in Optilase in Dublin to FINALLY get a consultation. I went in yesterday and the optometrist was just amazing. She gave me an in depth talk about it all and really put my mind at ease about Laser Eye Surgery. I think it’s just time to bite the bullet and just do it. I need to stop being a wimp about it. It’s very safe these days and Optilase have an amazing track record and great testimonials. I’ll keep you guys up to date with my progress, I’m just waiting on a phone call to see which treatment I’m best suited for as she needs to speak with my surgeon.

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Nars Luminous Lightweight Foundation. I used to only wear this on nights out but I decided as I was working so much that I would just wear it for work also. It lasts all day and gives the most dewy glow to the skin. You only need a small amount of this foundation as it spreads so much on the face. It’s most definitely the best foundation I’ve ever used. It’s well worth it. I got mine in London Heathrow Airport for £27.50 but it’s €43 in Brown Thomas.


Excited for…..
My surprise trip with Andrew. I booked it this week and he knows nothing about it. It’s a short one but so exciting and somewhere I know he’s wanted to visit for such a long time. I promised I would travel as much as possible this year and so far it’s happening.


Dying to…..
Go visit Killarney Glamping this Summer. I have wanted to go Glamping for ages and I came across this recently and then noticed a fellow blogger went. It looks amazing. I think I am going to take Vanessa’s little girls when they finish school so maybe early July I will take them. It looks so cool and I am OBSESSED with Killarney. It’s just so beautiful. If you have never went, I cannot recommend it enough. It is just such a gorgeous part of our little island.

family 02 08

Thinking about…..
Doing a trek in early 2018. I am speaking with the organisers next week and my manager in work on Monday. I want to do it with 11 other cabin crew so it’s something we would do for our company’s chosen charity in 2018. I have been saying I am going to do one since I climbed Kilimanjaro 4 years ago so it’s about time I just bit the bullet and done it. I am thinking either Everest Base Camp which takes 18 days or The Himalayas which is 12 days. It’s both a physical and mental challenge but I love it. It’s really challenging and would be something to work towards.
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Disneyland. Awww I just loved it so much. I felt like I was five years old again. I already want to go back. I think it’s Orlando next though as we want to do more rollercoasters & Paris just doesn’t have that many. The castle illumination show at the end was just my favourite and I’ve been watching my videos over and over. They are just WOW!!!!!!!!


Addicted to…..
YonKa Invigorating Mist. It’s I have not been paid a cent to promote this product. BEST PRODUCT EVER!!!!!! Seriously I cannot live without this Yonka Invigorating Mist now. As cabin crew, my skin can get extremely dehydrated & I’ve been using this for nearly two weeks now and my skin is feeling so good. It’s more than just a toner, it is a healing mist that smells incredible & leaves your skin feeling so hydrated & and refreshed. For all my cabin crew pals, you NEED this in your life guys. It comes in a 200ml size and a travel size too.


Looking forward to…..
Working with an incredible brand VERY soon. I am filming next week for the brand and I can’t wait for it. I promised myself that I would really put my heart and soul into my blog this year and having an agent definitely is now helping me secure fabulous collaborations. Eeeeek!!! Look forward to revealing the collab very soon.


Our trip to Portugal next month. We are going to visit potential wedding veuues. I want to visit two locations and a church. I am not sure if I want a wedding planner as I love organising events anyway and it’s what I done in college. I feel it would be such a waste to get one, but that may change. I have two places in mind so it’s very exciting. Andrew is still keen on getting married here but we have said we will visit Portugal and Tenerife as the two locations and make a decision then after that. I just really want it in the sunshine. I am thinking of it also as a big holiday for my family as when does that ever happen? It would mean so much to me to have all my family there together to celebrate.


Wanting to…..

Try these eye masks. I saw someone posting about them and I think they might really help with my eyes from travelling. They are made by Optrex so I presume they will be really good. They relieve your eyes from tiredness and I also noticed they have lavender in them too so that sounds even better. I am finding it difficult to sleep with my shifts lately and then I am becoming over tired and don’t get any work done on the blog when I am home from work. Maybe these will help….I will let you all know.


Until next month on This Month I’m….

Love Aoibhe xxx

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