Two weeks ago I packed my little Tripp luggage case and set off with Andrew for some relaxation & fun in Lusty Beg. I had been so busy finishing up in work that I am only getting around to writing this blog post now. If any of you don’t know about Lusty Beg, it’s a 75 acre island situated in Co. Fermanagh. A hidden gem and somewhere I already cannot wait to return.

So about the trip…..

Andrew and I drove up separately to Lusty Beg whilst the others got the bus from Dublin. I love road trips, especially in Ireland. I just think that anywhere you go, it’s always so pretty. It took us about 2 hours from Andrew’s house to get there. When we arrived we drove along the road passing numerous cows just relaxing at the side of the road. The next part was funny. We drove up and were greeted by a man on a boat. He told us to just drive onto the small boat and he would take us over. It was hilarious. I had never seen a boat so small and there we were sitting in the car sailing over to Lusty Beg island. 

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As we waited for the rest to arrive, we done some exploring. We sat and had coffee listening to the birds and staring at what is possibly one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. The lake so still, the sky so blue and the trees so autumnal. It was the perfect time of year for a visit to Lusty Beg. I was so happy when they all arrived & thrilled to see my old pal Anouska who I worked with in BT2 Dundrum many moons ago. I had seen her last year but obviously she was away travelling the world. I was excited to catch up & what a nice place to do it. After the hellos and tea, we were all taken to our cabins which were amazing. They were gorgeous with everything from our own fridge to bathroom. The minute we walked in, the heating was on and we were greeted by pretty gifts from Lusty Beg & Debenhams. There was a gorgeous box of goodies from Lusty Beg which had a seaweed soap from one of my favourite Irish beauty brands VOYA. It also had hand-pressed apple juice & apple chips which was such a nice touch. We then had Red Herring leisurewear & a gorgeous two piece nightwear set all from Debenhams. 



After we unpacked and freshened up, it was gin & lunch. LITERALLY! It was only 1pm but Arthur & Liz insisted they make us a G&T. They lay out every gin they had, allowing us to sample what we liked. I am not a massive gin lover but Arthur made me the nicest gin with cucumber. It was good enough for a photo too 😉 Arthur and Liz are the owners of Lusty Beg and have to be two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. So friendly and even more welcoming. One thing they know a lot about is putting on a spread. Lunch was served which was homemade pumpkin soup, pulled pork sliders & an array of delicious salads. The food was absolutely amazing so much so that I couldn’t wait to see what dinner would be like. After lunch it was adventure time. We had the option of going to the spa or doing activities & me being me, activities it was. A boat ride around the lake, followed by off road driving. The off road driving was actually SO much fun. I would come back for that alone. The laughs we had. We then went clay pigeon shooting which was actually scarier than I thought. I can’t see at the best of times so i might as well have been just shooting into the air. Andrew however was a pro along with Anouska’s boyfriend Matt. The two boys just loved it. 





Afterwards we had planned to go canoeing but I was really cold & tired so a shower and a little nap was had before we met for our cocktail class later that evening. It’s very casual in Lusty Beg. I wore heels of course but seriously you could wear what you like. It is really chilled and having spoken to Arthur about it, he likes it that way. The cocktail making class was great crack. Anouska & I were enjoying them a little too much. One of my favourite cocktails that we made was a Lusty Lady. It was DIVINE! There are no other words. We must have drank about 10 Lusty Ladies, they were that good 🙂 We were taught how to make 4 cocktails and then given the chance to go behind the bar & make them for ourselves. It was a really fun evening and definitely something good for a hen party. After an hour of cocktail making it was onto our three course dinner. I cannot tell you how tasty the food was. It was so good. I had goats cheese to start then steak followed by chocolate brownie. It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had and you know when you haven’t had steak in ages, it tastes even better. Everything was presented beautifully and it was 5 star hotel food. We all really enjoyed it. Next came the OPEN BAR. Clementine, Anouska, Sarah, Gina and I took full advantage. We had enjoyed the cocktails so much that we nearly drank the bar dry. 

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The next morning we woke up and went to the spa. This was just what the doctor ordered. Andrew and I decided to go for something different and picked a peat bath. It’s basically a bath full of peat that you relax in for 30mins. It’s really good for detoxing the body & even better for your skin. I thought it was fabulous and something I had never tried before. When in Lusty Beg and all that…

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After our treatment and quick dip in the pool we headed back to pack up our last bits. After saying our goodbyes and packing up the car, it was homeward bound. We had the most wonderful 24hours in Lusty Beg, cramming in so much but it was worth every second. The trip was in association with Debenhams who were launching their new Red Herring active range. I want to thank Moira & Karen from RDC Communications firstly for the invite and secondly for being so lovely. I also want to thank Debenhams for all the gorgeous goodies we got and I already have worn my new Red Herring running gear. Lastly I cannot thank Arthur & Liz from Lusty Beg enough. Their generosity and kindness was so lovely. All of their staff were absolutely great and couldn’t be anymore accommodating. Nothing was an issue and they were on hand to help all the time. Andrew & I will definitely return next year to stay and I would absolutely love to have a girlie weekend there too. 

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Lusty Beg is definitely a must see. With it only being 2 and a half hours away from Dublin Airport, it’s easily accessible by car.  I will definitely put it up there as one of my Top 5 favourite resorts/hotels in Ireland. I am just so annoyed I didn’t discover it sooner. As Lusty Beg is a family run resort, there is a sense of warmth and a feeling of home. A place I already want to go back. The pictures really say it all….. 

Check out their website HERE. 

Love Aoibhe xxx

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