I still can’t believe that my braces are finally off. In just SIX MONTHS, I had my Quickbraces on and off. Like that really is so fast. Now so many of you will say that I didn’t even need braces to begin with but I assure you I did. I had an overbite along with my front middle tooth starting to turn out slightly. I was conscious of the front tooth sticking out and unfortunately I grind my teeth at night so I needed to sort out my overbite. I am obsessed with teeth and notice them on everyone else, so naturally I wanted my teeth back to being perfect.

I had braces (train tracks as they were called) when I was 13 years of age but never continued to use my retainer. NOTE TO SELF NOW – USE YOUR RETAINER! My teeth moved so much because of it and that was the main reason I needed them again. It also didn’t help that my permanent top brace behind my teeth broke and I never replaced it. So what I’m saying is, if you get braces the most important thing is to ensure you keep wearing that retainer as specified. 


I got all my treatments done before and during done by My Dental in Ballsbridge. You can read both my other blog posts about my Dental journey below:



This is my before (TOP) and after (BELOW)

BEFORE – You can see my middle right tooth is slanted slightly due to it being pushed out by having no retainer at the back to hold it in place. This tooth is also chipped. Teeth not scaled and polished or whitened.

AFTER – Teeth totally in line. Chip gone. Teeth on bottom all aligned also and full teeth whitening.



So I’m going to answer some questions that I know most you will ask. 

Can everyone get Quickbraces? 

Most adults can get them and children above 12 years of age. You have to go to a consultation first to ensure you are 100% suitable.

How much do they cost? 

See below the cost of the treatment.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 21.13.12

How long do they normally take?

Generally a typical treatment timeframe is six months which mine was however it can go to 8-9 months depending on how much movement you need to do.

Is it sore? Will I be in pain during the treatment?

As I had braces before I didn’t feel pain at all. I had a bad experience years ago and the Dr. Natalia at My Dental really made the whole thing amazing. She put me at ease every time I went it. The only time you will feel pain if you haven’t had braces is the day after you get them tightened.

How often do you have to go back to the dentist? 

You normally go back to My Dental every 5-6 weeks to get the elastics changed.

Do they stay clear? 

So you are advised to not eat anything that could discolour them, ie. bolognese, coffee, red wine, coke etc BUT sometimes that is easier said than done. I am a coffee addict so I just couldn’t resist. I normally drank my coffee through a straw. I know that sounds difficult but seriously it’s not 😉

Do they whiten your teeth afterwards? 

You are advised to get a scale and polish afterwards which I highly recommend. This leaves your teeth so smooth and squeaky clean. You then have the option to get your teeth whitened in the clinic. You then have to wear a clear retainer. See below what they look like. I only have a top retainer as that was all I needed. I have to wear it all day everyday for 6 months then every night for a year and so on.



You can see in my front photo below the difference after. I got my polish and scale done afterwards along with whitening to get them really perfect.. I also got my chip at the top right fixed too. I am absolutely THRILLED with my teeth and I can happily say that I will be smiling from ear to ear at my own wedding & my best friends wedding next year.

Everyone wants perfect teeth and with the affordable prices at My Dental you too can have the perfect bright white smile. You can get everything from Implants, Veneers, Crowns and more. See their full pricelist.

Check out their website for more information. You call My Dental to make a booking on 01 6673556 or email


Love Aoibhe xxx

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