Last month I wanted a detox & something to just cleanse the body, so I turned to the amazing people at Jutox for help. I find juice detoxes are hard for the first day but once you get over that you are flying. I done it for 5 days and surprisingly was not starving on it.


Jutox are a detox company who deliver straight to your door. They deliver within UK & Ireland and have different types of packages to suit different needs. I wanted a mix of juices and soups as so I went for the 5 day Soup & Juice Cleanse. The juices are cold pressed and the soups are fully of local fruit & vegetables. There is no preservatives, no artificial flavourings or colourings so both are 100% Natural and full of healthy goodness.

So how did I feel on the detox?

Hungry on Day 1 but after that I was actually fine. I was off work for 3 of the 5 days so that helped. I kept exercise to a minimum that week so I didn’t use too much energy. The juices were delicious for breakfast and soups great for lunch & dinner. The carrot soup was my favourite. I definitely found my energy increased loads and I was sleeping so much better too.


How much weight did I loose?

It wasn’t about weightloss for me, it was all about how I felt. When I mailed Jutox, I told them this was solely for myself and just wanting to feel better about me. I did loose 5 pounds so I was thrilled but not just that I felt great about myself afterwards. I am not saying this is the answer to feeling good but I think weight is a personal thing and I enjoyed doing this FOR ME 😀

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Would I recommend it?

Absolutely I would. I think my only advice would be to ensure you keep exercise to a minimum on the detox that’s all. You do get all the required nutrients in the body from the juices & soup but I had some grilled chicken on the 4th & 5th days just with some light seasoning

What does a typical day look like on the detox?

9am – Lean Green Juice
12pm – Carrot, onion, Garlic, ginger & Cumin Soup
3pm – Up Beet Juice
6pm – Leek, Broccoli, Kale, Onion, Parsley, Ginger, Garlic & Cayenne Pepper Soup

How did the soups & juices taste?

Personally I found them all delicious. I am very open to foods etc so I loved all of them. I absolutely LOVED the Lean Green juice. It was so tasty and I found it really filling too.

Where can I find out more?

You can look up Jutox HERE and find out all about the other options they have too.

Happy detoxing guys 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx

NOTE**: This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to try out the detox myself so I contacted Jutox who gifted me with it and I wanted to review it for you all myself.

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