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Pretty Little I actually want EVERYTHING!!! I cannot wait until payday so I can order everything in my bag. I will make sure to share with you all what I am getting. Check out two of the pieces below.

Adore this playsuit 🙂


This top is STUNNING!!!!



The Travel Two on Instagram. It’s a feed by Daniella Moyles (SPIN 1038 DJ) and her friend Martin. Their photos just look dreamy. Every time I see a new photo it makes me think of where I would rather be in the world. Great feed. Check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 19.33.31

Excited for…..

The next event I go to with It is a portable photobooth that takes hundreds of photos at your event or party. You can rent it for any any occasion, weddings, promotions, parties, debs, school reunions or corporate events. The last time I went to a Picturebooth event, my friends & I had so much fun and it really gave us some great memories. Everyone gets to keep their prints and the party organiser gets all the images too. The next day is the best looking through all the photos of everyone enjoying themselves 🙂 You can check out how it works, how much it costs and what else they do HERE.



Working out loads now. It just makes me feel so good afterwards. I haven’t seen changes as of yet but I know I will. I am starting a 6 week transformation in a new gym on the Long Mile Road called D12 Performance. I’ve also been training with personal trainer Raymond Williams in Balbriggan along with running myself. I’m so determined to do the Samsung Night Run in November and I really want to complete a Hell & Back too.


Dreaming of…..

Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I saw a fellow blogger snapchat about them last week and I swear they have been on my mind every single day since. THANK GOD we don’t have them here in Ireland as I would be as big as a house if we did. I have a VERY sweet tooth and that’s not good when you are trying to loose weight.


Delighted with…..

My new cream blusher and bronzer from Flormar. You all know how much I adore the brand Flormar, well they have released a new Flowertales Collection which has the most amazing cream blush. It comes in a stick format. Personally I am normally not a fan of cream blush/bronzer but these are amazing. You can get them in pharmacies nationwide.




My brothers girlfriends 21st. It’s on the 20th of August and she’s having a big bash to celebrate. She’s like a little sister to me & she has never had a big party so I’m planning lots of surprises for her.


Excited for…..

My upcoming trips next month. We are heading down to the Europe Hotel in Killarney for two nights and I just can’t wait. I’ve never been to Kerry before & we want to climb Carantuohill so it should be fun. The Europe Hotel looks so beautiful. Next up we are either heading to Amsterdam or Rome. We haven’t 100% decided yet so we’ll see. Here are photos of the Europe Hotel below. DREAMY!!!!!!!

The-Europe-Hotel-and-Resort-52c9fb92-ee9d-4357-8135-fefcd94e492c ESPA-at-The-Europe

Thinking of…..

Doing a course of Venus Freeze treatments on my stomach at Balance Medi Spa, Navan. I got one treatment done to try it last week however the results after a course of treatments look so good. My review of the treatment will be up on the blog tomorrow Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 22.51.29

Love Aoibhe xxx

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