Last year as most of you know I decided to move home, after one year abroad living ‘the high life’ as most thought, I took the plunge and moved back to our little green island. Before I left I wrote a blog post called ‘The grass isn’t always greener…..Ireland to Australia’ and it became one of my most successful blog posts I’ve ever done on the blog. I remember friends of friends saying they had read my post and it was amazing to know that so many people read it. I read a quote this morning that triggered something with me. It was about making a hard decision to either walking away from something or trying harder. The quote is more than likely about love and about walking away from a relationship or trying harder to save it but it got me thinking. Could I have tried harder and stuck Australia a bit longer? Could I have sucked it up and ignored the feeling of missing my family & friends? Could I have gave it a better shot? The more I thought about it the answer was definitely no. That feeling was something I will never forget and one I can’t bare to think about. Some people fall in love with Australia and never leave. They settle and carve the life they always dreamed which is amazing but others just don’t. Others find it hard not being surrounded by the people they love. It’s not the place itself that I didn’t enjoy, it was not being with family and friends that made trying to stay a lot harder.

Some people have asked me now that I am home nearly a year, do I regret coming back? My honest answer to each of them is no. I miss the sunshine immensely, I miss the beautiful friends I made and the fact that we lived so close to the sea but do I miss living that far away? No. There maybe people reading this who live in Australia and are thinking how can she say she doesn’t regret it when Ireland is so miserable and wet. Well the reality is hunny, last week it was St Patrick’s Day. For the first time in years, the sun shined in Dublin. As it broke 6pm, the sun was setting, the city was buzzing and I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be than right in the heart of Ireland. It’s funny how when I was away I took so many things for granted that we had in Ireland. I remember watching a video on Ireland last St Patrick’s Day on YouTube thinking how our country is actually incredible. I cried watching it because it made me think about our little island and what other country has that much influence that they can turn the whole world green for one day? Everyone around the world celebrates St Patrick’s Day from New York to Dubai, Sydney to Paris. Everyone turns green to celebrate us as a nation.

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I will never regret my decision to walk away from it all and leave the incredible job I got there. That job actually cemented my CV and has become invaluable experience that I have now gained. I still can’t believe I landed the job I did. People ask me how I got the job with the Prada Group and the answer is simple……..just like anyone else. I went for the 4 interviews just like everyone and managed to secure the job. Now when I look back, I am so glad I went down the route of getting a job that benefit me long term rather than just going and wasting a year or two abroad doing nothing. At the time when I wrote the other blog post, I said to do random jobs you wouldn’t normally do etc but the opportunities are endless if you put your head down and push for the job you want. Having the job I did hugely benefit me long term. A lot of people see photos of people in Australia out partying all the time or lying on a beach but that’s not real life. That is just not sustainable. If it was sunny in Ireland, would you do that day in & day out? No…..you wouldn’t because you would have to get a job to support yourself like anyone would. The photos you see of these people are of the good times, not the times where they are upset and homesick thinking about a loved one passing or missing a family reunion. I said this in my last post but you only see on social media what they choose to show you. It’s all filtered LITERALLY.

The decision to try harder for me in Oz just wasn’t an option. It was definitely not an easy decision to make and actually come to think of it, it was as the quote says ‘one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face’. Admitting defeat that’s what it felt like. Admitting that it wasn’t for me was so hard. Making that phone call home to my dad saying I wanted to come home and his reply being ‘why Aoibhe? Don’t be so stupid. Think about it longer’. But reality was we had thought about it longer and we had made the decision. When I left for Oz I had a plan and that plan didn’t work out so I made another plan. Then that plan didn’t work out. So with these things you need a plan A, B and C. It’s not as smooth sailing as people think. It’s a massive life decision, one for me that I look back on and think well I’d rather have tried than never have tried at all.


For those of you that haven’t read my first blog post, you can read it HERE. It’s quite a post if I say so myself and very honest. I tell it as it is and don’t hold back. I didn’t enjoy Australia as much as I thought I would. I gained weight, I lost a childhood friend, two people very close to me passed away and my dog of 14 years died all while I was there, so it wasn’t an easy ride. I chose to walk away. I didn’t choose to try harder. I was pushed to the limit and unfortunately it didn’t work out. One day I’ll return, maybe for a holiday or maybe to live and I will go to all my favourite places and see everywhere we didn’t get to see. I still definitely have a soft spot for Oz in my heart and as difficult as the time was I would never take any of it away.

This photo was taken last night and I stood looking out thinking how pretty IRELAND really is.


Love Aoibhe xxx

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