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Clicking on…..

Pure Results Bootcamp. I came across their leaflet in Alchemy in BT2 Grafton St. Pure Results is a seven day fitness retreat in one of Ireland’s most scenic places.You do everything from boxing to yoga, life coaching & learn all about your body plus getting nutrition advice, all backed up with a two week aftercare programme. I am really looking forward to not only learning loads but really challenging myself. They focus on getting you fitter and boosting your confidence. The more I looked into it, the more I wanted to go. So I’m booking it this week and heading down on the 6th of May. Check it out HERE.



Rosemary Mc Cabe’s transformation. Any of you that don’t follow her, get on it. She’s as honest as they come, a down to earth gal on a weightloss journey that is changing her whole life. She has totally changed her mindset and fallen head over heels in love with the gym. She’s looking better than ever and I actually am so so happy for her. She’s a champ in the gym & god she makes me feel guilty with her 5am gym check in’s. Follow her HERE.

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Excited for…..

Malta next month with Vanessa. We are going for 3 days to plan her dream wedding. She’s been loads of times before but we will be tasting all the food, looking at the venue set up, picking out everything and I cannot be more excited. She’s told me how beautiful Malta is and by the pictures it looks so dreamy.


Happy with…..

My new Gold Fever Hair Extensions. I actually can’t believe how much I’ve actually taken to the darker root. Normally I would have been much more nervous to dye it but this time I was fine. Maybe that comes with age 😀 I feel so confident with it now and my hair with the extensions is so much thicker. I am not paid one cent to promote Gold Fever, they are simply divine. The hair speaks for itself I think. My colour and extensions were done in ZERO ONE Salon in Greystones.

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My new robe from Robes4You. It is so silky and soft. I have to say I felt so nice wearing it last weekend. You can personalise them too which is even better. I had Aoibhe on the back and AD on the front side. Check them out HERE.


Dreaming about…..

Having a creme egg brownie. The Cupcake Bloke in town does the most amazing ones EVVVVVER!!!!! You can look at all his yummy treats HERE. Seriously if you are in Dublin any Friday just off South William St you’ll catch him. He does incredible cupcakes aswell. Just thinking of them makes me hungry 😉


Delighted with…..

Myself for sticking to one of my 2016 goals. I made it my mission to get back down to the weight I was before I left to go to Australia. For those of you asking on Snapchat and Instagram about what I am doing, it’s a diet plan called Lighterlife Lite. I done this programme four years ago and lost nearly 4 stone but I put on over two stone in Australia and last year when I came home I became so unhappy with myself and my weight. It works for me. I am not saying it’s the best diet out there but I am happy with it and that’s all that matters. I am 8 weeks in and 18 pounds down, next weight today.



The heat and the sun. I only said to Andrew the other day that when it’s sunny in Ireland, it’s the best. I think that’s what I miss most about Australia is the weather. This photo was taken in 25 degree heat at 5pm in the evening in Oz. It was HEAVEN!!!! What I would do to have it permanently sunny all year round in Ireland. I would never leave. I think everyone is in a good mood when it’s sunny & life is just easier. I’m praying we have some sunshine this Summer at least. I want to get back to climb Croagh Patrick and head down to do Carantuohill aswell so here’s hoping the weather picks up for us. Snow in March is just not good!!!!



My engagement dinner. FINALLY it only took us nearly a year. We are having a close family & friends dinner on the24th of April which is the same day we got engaged last year in Australia. I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate it. We are having it in the beautiful Scholars Townhouse in Drogheda, Co.Louth. Check it out HERE. It’s such a stunning view. We have booked the room & food, so I’m just putting the invites together this week & getting them printed. I can’t wait to share them with you 😉

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Thinking of…..

Buying the plump it Lip Plumper. I’ve heard good and bad reviews. Some people love it & others say it doesn’t work that great. I also heard it stings really badly on the lips but surely it can’t be as sore as getting your lips filled. I don’t know I’m on the fence to buy it or not. What you think??? Here’s the link if you fancy buying it too – BUY HERE.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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