So many of you loved my Kinder Bueno Cake and wanted to recreate it yourself so as always on the blog your wish is my command. I made it for a Bake Off in work and it went down really well. Although presentation is key, it’s always the taste that seals the deal.


Well how do you make it?

The inside is two round slabs of salted caramel brownie put on top of one another with Betty Crocker Buttercream Icing on the middle and around the whole cake to seal it. The cake took two days to make however you can make it quicker if you like. I wanted to make sure the icing was hard on the outside before decorating.


* 1 pack of Kinder Small Chocolate Bars
* 4 Kinder Buenos
* 2 White Kinder Buenos
* 4 Kinder Surprise Eggs
* 3 big bars of Dark Chocolate
* 2 tubs of Betty Crocker Chocolate Buttercream Icing

Cake Mixture (the below ingredients will make you 1 slab YOU NEED TO SLABS of brownie to make it a cake, so you basically double the recipe)
* 3/4 cup plain flour
* 1/8 teaspoon baking powder
* 1 1/4 cups brown sugar
* 2 eggs
* 1/3 cup Carnation Caramel
* 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
* 2/3 cup Stork melted
* 1 big bar of dark chocolate chopped into squares
* Small handful of sea salt chunks

First of all heat your oven to 160 degrees. Make sure you have two round same size tins for your two cakes. If your tins aren’t non- stick then make sure to use baking paper as you don’t want them falling apart or sticking to the tin. The tins must be the same size as your going to put them on top of each other to make the cake.

With the cake mixture above, place the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl and mix together. Add the eggs, caramel, vanilla and butter and whisk until it’s a creamy thick consistency. Stir in the chunks of chocolate and spoon the mixture into the cake tin. Sprinkle with the sea salt and bake for 40 minutes. It’s very important to keep checking back on the cakes as you don’t want to cook them too much. I suppose I learned the hard way 😉 if they need another 10-15 minutes that’s ok it just really depends on your own oven.


If you double the recipe then cook the cakes at the same time and take out allowing them to cool. I left my cakes for about 3 hours to cool and harden slightly as the texture is quite gooey inside (remember it’s a brownie recipe). After both cakes have cooled down you remove them from their tins. You want to place them on top of each other so put a layer of the Betty Crocker Icing on the top of one of the slabs then you want to place and stick the other slab on top of it to create A CAKE.

Once you manage to do this, you technically have a cake in front of you now. One slab then the layer of icing in the middle and the other slab of brownie on the bottom. You then want to cover the whole cake with the Betty Crocker icing. So using a knife I slowly covered the entire cake. After doing this, I put the cake in the fridge over night. You need to have the cake hard before decorating otherwise it will turn to mush and you don’t want that after spending so long making it.

The next day you take it out, it should be quite solid. Now for the fun part of decorating it. Melt your 3 big bars of dark chocolate and SLOWLY cover the top of the cake allowing it to drop down the sides of the cake. You don’t want it to drip too much but just enough to look good. You then place on all the Kinder pieces just like the photo. I left a couple of them in the wrapper as they looked good for the finished result.

So that’s it. You can’t rush it because if you do it won’t turn out the way you want. Take your time with it and it will all come together perfectly 😉 Any questions just tweet me @aoibhedevlin or pop into my Instagram under the photo of the cake and just ask 🙂 Always here to help.

Happy Baking.

Love Aoibhe xxx



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