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As January is disperses we find ourselves cuddled up hibernating from that gloomy post-Christmas weather, what better time is there to get the heart warmed up with a few Rom Coms.

This month here at The Secret Obsessions we are recapping our all-time favourite movie couples to get us in the mood Valentines. Boil the kettle, put on the fluffiest of pyjamas and join us in our ultimate couple list.


First up on the list is Rose and Jack from Titanic one of the most monumental romantic dramas of all time. The film takes of back in time to witness one of the greatest love stories, I bet most girls remember the first time they seen Jack. I was only a young girl and it was love at first site. The fact that Rose and Jack are such opposites of each just made that romance a little more magical.


Next on the list is Kathleen and Joe Fox from You’ve Got Mail, Does anyone remember laptops and the internet in the 90s? If you do you will remember the dreary grating sound of the dial up connection. Well You’ve Got Mail takes away the sound of dial up and replaces it with heartfelt and emotional emails between Joe (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen (the queen of the 90s Rom Coms Meg Ryan). What started off with a love hate relationship soon turns out to be a blossoming virtual romance, and hey who doesn’t love a bit of cyber love!


Noah and Allison from the Notebook. The Notebook the ultimate Romantic film, it sits proudly on the throne of the great drama and romance storylines, we are quite aware that yes it was based on the book by the hugely talented Nicholas Sparks but the way Rachel McAdam’s and Ryan Gosling bring these characters from the page to the screen is wonderful making it one of my personal favourite films of all time. I can’t count how many times I have wept at this film. Beautiful from start to finish.


As the list continues we have Vivian and Edward from the iconic movie Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere how on earth could this film possibly go wrong, two fantastic actors with two great roles to play. As we seen a lot of love stories are about two couples from opposite sides of the spectrum but Pretty Woman takes this to a whole new level. We watch love flourish in an unlikely relationship between a workaholic businessman and a female sex worker. I will always remember the scene when Vivian returns on screen setting aside her usual questionable attire to grace the scene wearing a stunning dress showing us how utterly beautiful Julia Roberts really is. Of course as usual Richard Gere doesn’t scrub up too badly himself, what a man!!


Our next entry comes from one of the most famous and successful Rom Coms of the 80s When Harry Met Sally. Yet again the Meg Ryan makes an appearance on our list, she really did own the 90s comedy romance scene but When Harry Met Sally is one of her best works. Harry who is played by Billy Crystal meets Sally (Meg Ryan) During a cross country drive during college, they remain friends for years but the questions is “can women and men just be friends”, I wouldn’t dare spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but the question is answered in the greatest way. Just keep an eye out for the Diner scene!


Kat and Patrick Ten Things I Hate About You. This is my personal favourite couple. I just adore everything about this film, from the cast to the soundtrack and of course the brilliant story. Kat and Patrick are the schools misfits but never really payed attention to each other until Patrick is payed to do so. We watch as Patrick ( heath Ledger) at first is more less hired to take out Kat (Julia Stiles) it doesn’t take long for Patrick to soon see that Kat is the woman for him in all her 90s pop rock and grunge clothing. Their romance has its ups and downs, from hysterical one liners to genuinely sad moments you will love every second of their journey especially the music scene by Patrick, another reason we loved you Heath Ledger <3


Mollie and Sam from Ghost, ah now this is a classic, we all love a good paranormal love story right? Who the hell hasn’t done a re-enactment of the pottery scene right?  Patrick Swayze one of the ultimate heartthrobs from the 80/90s we stole our hearts in Dirty dance and he ran off with it again in Ghost. We witness the gorgeous couple that is Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) become victims of a mugging resulting in the heart breaking death of Sam. Yeah it does start a little dark but when then find that Sam Spirit remains behind loving and protecting his greatest love Molly. Ghost has a great cast with tearful, steamy and some great tongue ‘n cheek moments. Also Whoopi Goldberg makes and appearance, so there’s that.


Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy, every girl who has read or watched Bridget Jones Diary can relate to Bridget, inside us all is a bit of the clumsy charming and sometimes life ruining qualities of the loveable character. Renée Zellweger plays Bridget, a single working woman who in the New Year aims to improve her life. We see her at her best and we see her at her worst. We also see her fall into the arms of Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) the ultimate English gentleman. Although Bridget has a few “brief encounters” with her very charming boss Daniel (played by the floppy hair and love of most girl’s lives in the 90s, Hugh Grant) we were always rooting for the underdog and the typical good guy that is Mark Darcy, every girl needs one. As they say the good guys always win in the end.

There is no better way to inspire you for love than watching indulging in some guilt free Rom Coms, so that was our list of the ultimate movie couples, we know there is so many many more why not let us know your favourite couples in the comments.

Love Sarah xxx


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