This is a new post I am bringing to TSO. As a beauty blogger I get sent so many fabulous beauty products to try every week. I wanted to compile this into one post for you guys so that you could read what I really thought of each product. I know so many beauty bloggers that just say how great everything is but let’s face it….not everything can be great. This post will be a monthly thing just like my This Month I’m blog post. Read last month’s post HERE.

I will be telling you the real truth behind each product and beauty treatment, giving you price, where you can buy it or get it done and is it really worth your hard earned cash.

So what’s up this month?

Heavenly Hair hairpiece


The beautiful owner of Heavenly Hair Ireland invited me into her salon to try out their gorgeous hairpiece a few weeks back. We arranged the visit just before I headed off to the H&M X Balmain event too which was even better. I was SO impressed with the hairpiece. It gave my hair even more volume which I loved. It sits really well in the hair & doesn’t budge like some other hairpieces I have tried. I remember ages ago wearing a hairpiece from another brand and Andrew said ‘Aoibhe your wig is half hanging off’. It was so noticeable that it wasn’t my own hair. That is 100% not the case with this one. It’s so light and fits on the head perfectly.

Here is a photo of me wearing the hairpiece (above) My hair looks really full which I loved.

Katie Halpin is just 24 years old and started Heavenly Hair all on her own. What a woman I say!!! She had been hairdressing for years and wanted to branch out to hairpieces & extensions. I love supporting Irish businesses so it is keeping in with my #supportirish I have been doing on the blog the past few months.

Heavenly Hair are based in Scotchhall in Drogheda and Pavillions in Swords behind Fuschia Makeup. So walk into Fuschia Makeup and you will see the door to the left hand side. You can check out their website HERE too.


Nia Natural Beauty


Just Balm

Just Balm is a 100% Natural Face and Body balm that is perfect for dry skin. It’s such a great product for anyone that has skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis. I sometimes have quite dry hands and it has been working so good for them. It’s quite thick so I more so use it at night as a treatment. It is also pure fragrance and steroid free too. I highly recommend this if you want a nourishing treat for your skin.




Oat & Avocado Exfoliator

This exfoliator is not like a normal harsh exfoliator, it is a thick mushy paste. Finely ground oats gently buff away your dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling fresh and soft. It has avocado and sweet almond oil which makes it smell DIVINE!! That is the first thing I noticed. I would have quite sensitive skin so I was so glad it didn’t make my face flare. Other ingredients include shea butter (my favourite), vitamin E and chamomile. Although I loved the smell, I don’t know if I am a massive fan of this due to its texture. I prefer a slightly harder grain exfoliator but those who like a softer feel then this is the product for you.



Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm



Ok so I had heard mixed reviews about the product, some saying it was great and others saying no no no. I tried it out for myself on top of my makeup and underneath my makeup to see which worked best for me. I actually found it better over my makeup as it is quite thick to put on under. I patted it into my face lightly as it’s thick you only need a small amount on the sponge. I thought it definitely kept my face matte for a while however not an all day. It would be handy to have in your bag on a night out to take away any shine etc from too much dancing on the dancefloor 😉 Would I buy it? Probably not. I have used the Stila Sheer Pressed Powder and find that it works just as good.


Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner


Have to say this eyeliner is SO GOOD for me. I have the world’s most sensitive eyes and my eyes constantly leak. Stilla Smudge Stick is waterproof and really does not budge on the eye. I wore it a week ago to an event and when I was coming home it hadn’t moved like 6hours later. I actually used it like a normal liner then another time I smudged underneath to give it more of a smokey look. I have to say I really loved this and would highly recommend it, especially for someone who has a leaky eye like me 😉


Tan Eraser Exfoliating Tan Removal Mitt

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.01.13

Listen up Fake Tan lovers!!! If your finding that your fake tan is coming off dodgy then you need this little mitt. I myself find that it’s difficult to remove fake tan after it’s been on your skin for a few days. It’s great because the pink side is used for lightly exfoliating the skin and the black side is a little bit more rough so can really scrub off that remaining tan. Even better the mitt is only €8.99 and can be reused again & again. Read more about the Tan Eraser below.


Imedeen Skincare Tablets


So I am 26…Eeeeek!!! Scary to even say that number I thought I would stay 21 forever well thats what I had hoped 😉 I am not going to lie I am consicious of getting old and wrinkly I don’t know about you. I got sent Imedeen Derma One which is a tablet for the first signs of ageing. Anyone from 25+ can take it and it works to nourish and improve your appearance of the skin. Do I believe it? Well I have been taking them for over three weeks now just like the Visical below.

You literally take two tablets a day, it’s that simple.

Emma Minderides, skin care expert at IMEDEEN says, “The earlier a woman starts protecting her skin against the signs of ageing the better. To invest in your skin long term it’s recommended young women start a beauty regime as early as possible, but also to protect skin from external factors such as sun exposure and to maintain a healthy diet. Taking preventative measures from an early age is an investment in a woman’s long term beauty and self-confidence.”

You can it in pharmacies nationwide however there is also a link below to get it too.


Visical Volumising Hair Fibres


So I started using this about 3 weeks ago now. I just put a small bit on the root of my hair every time I wash my hair.

As you all know I have GoldFever hair extensions however my hair underneath is quite thin and limp. I had heard about Visical ages ago and thought I would give it a try.

Viviscal Volumising Hair Fibres contain charged fibres with Keratin, the key component found in hair, nails and skin, which stick to the hair giving your hair much more volumised look. The fibre binds to the hair shaft giving the appearance of thicker hair and a full look in just 30 seconds. It works great as a dry shampoo too. They are €24.99 and you can buy Viviscal® Volumising Hair Fibres in Boots, pharmacies and health stores nationwide.


Sleek Makeup

I attended a beautiful event recently with Sleek Makeup to celebrate their new 24K Gold Collection palette being launched. The event was so gorgeous and don’t even get me started on the food. It took place in The Cliff Townhouse just on St Stephens Green. Just look at the set up below.

We were gifted some fabulous products which I couldn’t wait to try. So I decided to pop my review of some of them in here.

i-Lust Eye Shadow Palette from the 24K Gold Collection



I actually don’t have words for this palette. It is beyond one of my favourite palettes I have ever used before. It is the perfect palette for Christmas too. I am a gold lover anyway so when Sleek gifted us this I was delighted. I adore gold tones on my eyes and wear them pretty much 95% of the time. I think it is also a great gift for someone because I know lots of beauty bloggers and women love shades like this. In particular I like the copper tone (second from the right) as it makes my eyes pop. I use Sleek’s other palette I-Divine Au Naturel with it too.

What is even better is that it is ONLY €8.99!!!! 


Solstice Highlighting Palette



12305898_10153668947195638_210901092_n (1)

Another gorgeous palette from Sleek. The Solstice is a palette that can be used on the face or body and looks stunning on all skin tones too. It’s packaging was the first thing I gasped at. It’s rose gold and just looks so pretty. Their is two baked powders, one cream and one shimmer powder in it. The one in the photo above is the shimmer powder. I can imagine how stunning this would look on holidays with a tan. A palette that would last AGES and definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. Such a good investment.


Sleek True Colour Lipstick Matte in Stiletto


Sleek lipsticks are moisturising and bold. They are so affordable, have great pigmented, and keep the lips really soft as they have Vitamin E in them to help hydrate your lips. What more do you want???A winner for me!


Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Cuba

WOW just WOW! This is just so beautiful. I didn’t mix it in with my foundation but dabbed it into my cheeks after applying my foundation. It looks so pretty on the skin giving you that glow. I know this product will last ages as you really only need a tiny bit on the skin when using it. I wanted to show you the texture in the photo below 😀 You can get this in 4 different shades. I have three of the four and I love them all. They are Pompeii, Casablanca, Cuba and Monaco. My two favourites are Cuba (below) and Monaco.




Unilever who look after Dove sent me these little gems. They are part of their Winter Wonder collection.

Dove DermaSpa Indulgent Hand Cream

This hand cream is just so luxurious. I love it. My hands feel so soft after I use it. It’s a great price too which makes it even nicer to use 😉 It’s one of the best hand creams I have used in a long time just because of it’s thick rich texture.



Dove Oxygen Moisture Souffle Treatment

I have only used this baby once but it leaves your hair feeling super silky. I leave it on for about 5mins. As I have hair extensions, I didn’t put it near my roots. I worked it through my hair and clipped it up. I was so impressed with it. It gives your hair 95% more volume and does exactly what it says, it MELTS into your hair. I know Dove have been doing haircare for ages but I just hadn’t tried their hair series. I absolutely love nothing more than affordable beauty products. This is just that. You can get this little tub in Boots (see link below)



Mudpie Beauty Boutique

Last week, I went to visit one of my prettiest salons ever! Mudpie Beauty Boutique is in Dundrum Town Centre. It is so cute and homely from the minute you walk inside. The girls are so lovely and can answer any beauty questions you may have about your skin. I decided to get an Image Signature Facial and Yumi Lashes done afterwards. The Image facial was heavenly. Awwww just divine. Kirsty was my therapist and she made me feel so comfortable straight away. The beds were heated and the room was so cosy. Kirsty first talked me through how my skin was and what she thought I needed. My skin was quite dehydrated and had dry patches so she used the specific products suited for me. It’s different for each person and the therapist will pick what you need personally.

After an hour of absolute HEAVEN with an arm, neck and hand massage included, it was onto my Yumi lashes. I had always been scared of getting eyelash extensions or anything done with my eyes as they are so sensitive. I can barely wear false eyelashes as it is. Jenny at Mudpie told me about the Yumi lashes, were they perm and curl your natural lashes giving them extra length. I was like YES! I would love this. So it’s 30mins of having your eyes closed and you can’t open them at all. I barely even knew Kirsty was doing anything she was that good and I actually fell asleep 🙂 With the Yumi lashes, they tint your lashes too giving them really great definition. I was SO impressed with them. My eyes looked so much bigger and bright. I actually felt comfortable wearing just tinted moisturiser after the facial.

I felt confident leaving the salon with my skin so fresh and my eyelashes done. I already am booking in to get both treatments done again. I think treating yourself to a facial and YOU TIME is so important. You can check out Mudpie Beauty HERE and they have a full price list of all their treatments. They do everything from tanning to facials, lashes to nails you name it, they do it 😉

I cannot thank the girls enough for making my trip to Mudpie so relaxing and it was exactly what I needed at the time. I can’t wait to come back and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Follow them on Facebook HERE too.


This is one of the Image products Kirsty used and now I am addicted. Definitely going to buy a full size next time I am up 😀


Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil

So I had used Waxperts products before but had never tried their beautiful body oil. The body oil actually could put you asleep it smells that good. I don’t wax I shave. I’m sorry Ellen I know I should come just stop being scared and just come to get waxed. I have been using this body oil now for the past 5-6 weeks after I shave and it has been leaving my legs feeling so nice. I love the feeling of smooth legs (and so does Andrew 😉 ) but this leaves my legs silky. Like I put on a pair of tights the morning after putting on the oil before going to bed and they just slid up my leg.

It does exactly what it says it nourishes, hydrates and soothes the skin after waxing. I reckon this would be amazing on holidays just to give yourself a nice glow on the legs in the evening too 😀 It’s actually sold out online but will be restocked very soon. That is how good it is.

I interviewed Ellen the owner of Waxperts a few weeks ago for The Interview Series. Check it out HERE.



Fuschia Pro Contour Palette

GREAT COVERAGE! This really best describes this contour palette from Fuschia. As you all know Fuschia is one of my absolute favs. I had never used a cream contour before trying this so I was interested to see how it would sit on my skin. I have always just used a powder contour palette. I kind of went for the whole Kim K contour look when trying it first to really use it. I forgot to take a picture before blending it all in to show you guys. I really did look WEIRD! But blend, blend, blend and in 15mins I was Kim K. Well, I can wish right? 😉 The texture is good but quite thick. I applied a lot at first so thats probably why. I recommend that less is more with this product and it spreads really good so bare that in mind.

Even though I loved the coverage it gave me, I am still in two minds about a cream or powder contour. I 100% think this is more of a night time look with using the cream. I have only used this palette for nights out and events. It’s great because it’s part of the Pro Collection so you can actually choose what shades you want plus my favourite saying your also SUPPORTING IRISH too. See link below to purchase this palette.



So there you have it 🙂 Some of my beauty treats from this month.

Love Aoibhe xxx

Image: www.brand.holidayextras.com


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