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Clicking on….. as you all know I am collaborating with the London brand. I done a blog post last month on my favourite ISWAI pieces so check it out HERE. I have been so busy planning my event and I hadn’t a chance to do more but after this week stay tuned for lots more things ISWAI. Here is a new piece added to the site which I just adore. They also have it in lavender. You can buy it HERE but check out their full collection on their website.


Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil. THE SMELL!!!!! Oh my god it’s fabulous. It has grape and almond oil in it so literally you want to eat it, it’s that nice. I tried it for the first time and have to say I was really impressed. I was talking about it on Snapchat the other day (aoibhedev89 is my username). I already can’t wait to take my makeup off tonight now :)

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The rise of Ladies First, Ireland’s first ever 60calorie cocktail. The founder is Drogheda woman Jean Mc Donnell. Find her @Jeani_mac on Instagram πŸ˜€ Jean has set up her own cocktail business supplying some of the best 5star hotels with her
delicious cocktails. Jean will be at my event on Sunday supplying all the ladies with her low cal drink. I’ve tasted the cocktails last week and they are YUM!

Perfect for those watching the waist line too πŸ˜‰ Follow Ladies First on Facebook HERE.

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It’s that time of the year again when we get out a warm tights and wear them with pretty much EVERYTHING! I don’t know about you but I have had the tights out for the past few weeks. I invest when it comes to tights as much as I LOVE Penneys, it just doesn’t cut it in the tights department. Debenhams and Pamela Scott are where I get mine. I don’t wear any other than Marie Claire tights & even better they are IRISH. They are designed in Ireland for us Irish women. They aren’t expensive either starting at just €4.00.

These body toner tights are really great for warmth and giving you that slim tucked in waist. They are also 80 denier which suit for these colder days in Winter. The other tights I love from Marie Claire are Slimming Tights. They are just 50 denier which isn’t as warm but they look great on the legs.

Slimmer legs here we come πŸ˜‰



Andrew always laughs at me when I put on tights as it can be quite funny to watch. Bit like the below…. πŸ˜€


Thinking about…..
Sometimes people think you may have it all but in reality that may not be the case. I mentioned this also in my Australia post about bloggers only showing you what THEY WANT to show you. You don’t see everything that goes on. I choose to show you what I want especially now it’s all about Snapchat. I have really tough days where all I want to do is cry. I don’t speak have any relationship with either of my parents anymore and I have just started a new job where it’s so tough mentally working that I find it so difficult keeping up with my blog. I am so forever grateful of every single opportunity that has ever come my way but I do work so damn hard for every single thing that comes to me. I cannot stress that enough to people and I hope that lovely reader that mailed me the other day realises that too.


I am finalising everything for Sundays BIG EVENT. I have been busy planning this event for the past month now and it’s finally come around. Working full time, blogging and organising the TSOTeaParty has been hard but I am beyond excited now for Sunday. It will probably be the best event I’ve held. I have a degree in Event Management and have organised over 10 different events over the years but I feel this will top all them. The decoration alone will be incredible πŸ˜‰ I’ve been getting a lot of bits from The Party Parlour. Check them out HERE. Make sure to watch out for #TSOTeaParty on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this Sunday.


Excited about…..
I am away on a little trip away with Nadin this week. We are away for a few days together in the West of Ireland. First up, we are stayed in the Westport Plaza Hotel & Spa for the night. Andrew and I have been to their spa and it was dreamy. We then went to visit Kylemore Abbey which is somewhere I have always want to go since I was a little girl. My grandad showed me a photo when I was 8 and I dreamt of seeing it in real life. It was incredible to see it in real life. I cried afterwards because I just wish he had of been with me. We are now down in my favourite place in Ireland, Galway. We are staying in the G Hotel and having Pink Afternoon Tea.Β The G is one of my favourite places ever so this weekend really will be so nice to just breathe & relax. It’s badly needed after the past two months of non stop work.

G Hotel


Kylemore Abbey


Westport Plaza Hotel


Obsessed with…..
My BANDO diary. It’s so cool. I got it last month and it brightens up my day. I know it’s something so simple but having somewhere I physically write stuff down and not having it all on our phones is actually therapeutic. You can check out the full range of diaries on Irish website, Hippenings HERE.


Being a kid. If I had one wish it would be to go back in time. I know it sounds funny but take me back to 1999 where life was easy, phones where bricks, Kappa was cool, you couldn’t use the house phone and the Internet at the same time and SMTV rocked our Saturday mornings. I miss that. I would also get to see my grandparents again. Life will just never be the same. Anyone else agree? What would you do to just go back for one day & relive it all again? I know I would.


Dreaming about…..
Beaches and sunshine. I knew this day would come. I knew it! After living in the Aussie sunshine for a year I knew I would one day miss it. I said it, I MISS THE SUN! We are now planning Thailand for next year. It’s literally somewhere I have always wanted to go so can’t wait to tick another one off that bucket list.


What I am going to cook for my dinner party in two weeks. I am having my two best friends and their partners over for dinner and I don’t know what to cook them. I saw Lidl have their new Deluxe range in and some of the stuff looks delicious so I’m thinking of getting some bits from that. I tried their Toffee Roulade the other day! Holy lord it was beautiful. A must try guys & only €4.99. It’s very sweet but who doesn’t love a treat πŸ˜‰


Love Aoibhe xxx

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