So tell us about your job. What do you do? 

I’m deputy editor of STELLAR magazine. I look after a lot of different aspects of the mag – I write a lot of features, I get the subscribers’ offer down, I deal with a lot of readers’ queries and I go to a lot of the commercial and PR meetings! Then, when the mag is almost done, I do all of the sub editing. I’m a stickler for bad spelling.

Describe your typical day.
There really is no typical day – during press week, I’m largely office-based, going over pages, proofing copy and pictures, sourcing photographs and chasing up pages with our production team. The other three weeks of the month, it’s really varied. I could be at a press launch in the morning, back at my desk for lunchtime – and then in the afternoon we might have a team meeting followed by a work event. We did a cool launch with H&M last month, and this month we had our STELLAR Shine Awards, so there were a lot of frantic Shine-focused days in there too! Plus, there’s a lot of Snapchat.
What is it like working at Stellar? Favourite part?
It’s really good fun – but it’s also a lot tougher than people think. Irish magazines have much smaller teams than UK magazines, even though we might have the same number of pages. So, where UK titles will have a team of 20-odd people, we have four – but we have the same number of pages to get done. More, probably, as our ad page count is lower! So it’s definitely a hard job, but there are a lot of perks. Like any job I’ve had, my favourite part is the people – I love my team. We’re all really close and we get on so well, which is important.

What did you study in college?

I did a BA in English and Italian in NUI Galway. I didn’t like it that much though; I’ve never been a big drinker, or mad for the “craic”, which is one of Galway’s big selling points! Plus, I’m a total home bird and I missed seeing my family and friends. As a result, I probably didn’t make that many good friends during college, which is a bit weird! I was always just waiting to come home. Then, I did an MA in International Journalism in DIT. For a while there I terrified my parents by deciding to go to Afghanistan or Israel, to be a war reporter. They’re far happier with me working in women’s magazines.
How did you first get into journalism? 
While I was doing my MA, a friend of my cousin’s told her that The Irish Times were looking for sub editors, and asked if she knew anyone. She recommended me, and the rest is history! I started off doing 1-2 days a week, in production; when my MA finished, I went to 4-5, and within a year, I was writing the odd freelance piece. It was a case of right place, right time – and knowing the right people – but, once I got in there, it became a case of making myself known. I think a big problem with a lot of interns is that they come into an organisation and expect things – they expect people to help them, when actually you need to make yourself indispensable. I spent my time at The Times being probably really annoying! I chatted to everyone, I got to know as many people as possible, I let everyone know what I was interested in – so that when they were wondering who they’d ask to report on things, I was at the front of their minds. If I hadn’t put myself out there I probably would have stayed as a sub editor – which would have been fine, really, but it’s not what I wanted to do.
Other than Stellar what is your favourite magazine?
I love Elle – it has such beautiful design, and its cover stars are always incredible. Plus, unlike, say, Glamour – which I also love, don’t get me wrong – they don’t consistently put their cover stars in their knickers!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I’d quite like to be invisible. This is a bit sad, maybe, but I suffer from depression – and on the days when it’s really bad, I’d just like to be able to fade away and be on my own! Invisibility would definitely help with that. But it would have to be a choice – on good days, I want everyone to be able to see me! I think sometimes when you suffer from mental health problems, your issues are compounded by worrying about what your friends and family are thinking. Are they worrying about me? Can they tell that I’m feeling shit today? Being invisible would kind of solve that problem. They’d just be like, “oh Rosemary must be gone off somewhere.” They wouldn’t be worrying.
Describe your dream holiday.
I am EXTREMELY lazy, so I just love holidays where you can go and vegetate in the sun. I went to Nice for two weeks on my own a few years back, and it was heaven. I read 14 books; I watched several TV series; I lay on the beach all day. I ate exactly what I wanted and got up exactly when I wanted and went to bed exactly when I wanted. There was no one telling me I should go to the museum, or should get up and go for a walk, or that I should try a different restaurant… It was bliss.
What is your favourite store for the following: 
Jeans – I love Topshop’s Jamie jeans, Asos’s Ridley and M&S’s five-pocket jegging. I’m chubby, so I essentially like anything high-waisted with a bit of stretch!
Shoes – Buffalo does this great brand called SixtySeven; I own their Bullet boots in three colours! They’re super cool and comfy and a total dupe for Acne’s Pistols, at a fraction of the price.
Accessories – For high-end bags, I love Pauric Sweeney; I saw an incredible blue python skin one in Siopaella a few weeks ago and told my boyfriend I wanted it for Christmas! It was only €400, and originally cost €2,000. It’s not on their site any more so I’m hoping he got it – if he didn’t, he’s dead! As for jewellery, I went through a phase of loving really blingy, costume jewellery – but lately I like real gold, more delicate things. Maybe I’m getting old! I would happily own every single thing by MoMuse; I love Chupi; and Loulerie has incredible stuff.
Makeup – I have so many favourites! Foundation-wise, I swear by Rimmel’s Wake Me Up and Match Perfection. Wake Me Up is my everyday go-to – it never fails me. I love Urban Decay’s original Naked palette for eyes, and I always do my eyebrows. There’s an Irish brand called Push Makeup; they do this product called Brows Be Wow – it’s like a one-swipe eyebrow. It’s amazing. I also love NARS packaging; I have one of their matte lipsticks in Funny Face and, without fail, every time I wear it, people ask where it’s from. Oh! And I almost forgot; for luxe bits and pieces, I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury. Her Magic foundation is most definitely on my Christmas list, and my Dolce Vita palette is my most prized possession. I think I’ve only used it twice! But it’s so gorgeous.
What are your favourite Irish products/brands?
Y’know what? I used to hate Orla Kiely – that leaf print just drove me insane… But lately, I love what she’s been doing. Her collaboration with Leith Clark is incredible – I want everything – and I am actually obsessed with those Brabantia bins she designed! I love the homewares stuff the most. And her leather bags are actually gorgeous, and not a leaf in sight! I also love Tissue, an Irish brand based in Smithfield I think – you can buy their stuff in Atelier 27, above Om Diva. Eily O’Connell is an Irish jewellery designer I adore; I got one of her rings for my 30th birthday from my parents. It’s super delicate, moulded on a twig, and has a black diamond. It’s really special.
Do you have any advice for young people trying to start out in journalism? 
Read. That is, hands down, the number one thing anyone can do to improve their writing. You get so many people wanting to get into journalism who have clearly never read a newspaper or magazine cover to cover, and barely read books. It’s such a good way to improve your writing and increase your vocabulary, and it’s so easy – and relaxing! Then, in terms of getting into it, it’s all about the pitch – so you need to come up with good ideas. Find out who the person to pitch them to is, and do so concisely. Send a paragraph, explaining what you want to write, why it would be of interest, and how you propose doing it. Who would you interview? Would you supply pictures? The biggest mistake people make is sending their CV – if you write a well worded email, and your idea is good, the person involved will get back to you – probably asking for some writing samples. But sending your CV just makes you seem like an amateur, and won’t instill anyone with confidence.
Do Stellar do internships? Can readers get involved with the magazine?
We do – we do three-month internships across the magazine and website, and we ask interested people to email us on But it’s really competitive – there are so many people looking to break into magazines, a lot of the time for the wrong reasons (because they love fashion and beauty!). Most of what we do is writing-based, so we’re really looking for people who are super smart, with great ideas and brilliant English.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Here! I love living in Dublin. My sister lives in Texas, and I think she’s always wondering why I haven’t travelled more. But, like I said, I’m a home bird. I’ve never wanted to live abroad, and I’m always happy to come home – even from a two-week holiday. It’s definitely important to have a break, but I feel safe when I’m back at home, near all the restaurants I like and the people I love although not in that order of priority! I wonder sometimes if it’s to do with my mental health problems – I just never feel safe when I’m away. I’m a big worrier, and I like my home comforts. I feel like, if you forced me to move away for a year, I’d fall apart. I got stuck in the ash cloud a few years ago – my worst nightmare! I had to take a bus from the south of Spain to London. It almost put me off air travel for life!
Who is your hero? 
This is such a tough question, because I have so many. Alanis Morissette, for writing the most important album of my adolescence – and being seriously bad-ass. Andrea Dworkin, for making me really angry about feminism – she’s extreme, as feminists go, but her books made me understand why we should all be angry about a system that’s made women accept that they’re “less than” men for decades and decades. Natasha Walter and Kat Banyard, both feminist authors who gave me such good ammo for arguments about sexism; it’s really easy to argue with misogynists when you’re armed with real facts and figures! Mindy Kaling, for being deadly and hilarious and self-deprecating without veering into self-pity. I would marry her tomorrow. And Kirstie McDermott, editor of STELLAR – I feel like she’s someone who is so sure of who she is and what she believes… That’s incredible, and something I think we should all strive for. To really know who you are is an achievement in itself.
Check out Rosemary’s website HERE and following her on Instagram @rosemarymaccabe
Love Aoibhe xxx

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