Ahhhh!!!! What a crazy week in work. Working so much is really draining. It’s more the hours as I am awake at 4.30 in the morning and don’t get home until around 5 onwards. I am sure you all have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as frequent or been on Snapchat either. I am trying to find the balance but as I am in my training it’s really becoming difficult.

Anyway back to the post at hand which is all about my weekend in the West. The week before last I had time off to organise & finalise everything for the TSOTeaParty which was amazing. The days running up to the event, Andrew and I decided to head West for a few days & chill. So last I packed my little Lulu Guinness luggage case & off we went on our little road-trip. The photo above was taken on the way from Westport to Galway.
First stop was the cute little town of Westport. I had never been before but had heard so much about it previously as some of my mums distant family live there. It is such a cute town. With the river in the middle and all the little shops, Andrew and I fell in love with it. I mean it’s no Dublin but there was just something about it. I just love nothing more than seeing other parts of Ireland. We stayed at the Westport Plaza Hotel & Spa. The hotel is a gorgeous 4star hotel in the centre of Westport. I loved that the hotel was so central too. We got there around 2pm which was a little later than we had planned. It was bucketing down (that’s raining heavy for those of you not from Ireland). We have our own sayings here that lots of people around the world don’t really understand so my apologies. The weather was terrible and that was the day we had planned to climb Croagh Patrick too so needless to say we cancelled it & headed straight for the heated pool instead. It was so relaxing to just have nothing to do and nothing to worry about for once in a long time. We were greeted to our room with wine, chocolates & handmade cookies. We had dinner that evening in the restaurant at the hotel as we were so tired from the drive. The food was delicious and Andrew was trying every whiskey in the place. He’s a whiskey fanatic and drinks it more like water.
The next morning it was breakfast and spa time. We had been invited by the spa to try out their thermal suite & get a neck & shoulder massage which was lovely. I had actually been recommended the Sula Spa by a friend who stayed there last year. Their thermal suite was to die for. The outdoor rock-pool and the foot spa were my favourite. The foot spa had special salts you put in the water & made your feet super soft. I loved this and my feet felt so good afterwards. After our time in the Thermal Suite, it was in for our massage. I hadn’t had a proper massage since Australia. We got them every month in Oz as they were so cheap. The massage was that good I fell asleep. The spa at the Westport Plaza is just dreamy, with pretty lights, beautiful robes & paintings everywhere I really enjoyed our morning there have to say.
Quick change and back on the road it was headed for Kylemore Abbey. Kylemore Abbey was somewhere I had always dreamt about. My grandad showed me a painting of it when I was 8 and died two years later so never got to take me. I always said I would go to the house in the painting one day and I finally did.
I got there and it was even more incredible in real life. It was breathtaking and on leaving Kylemore Abbey I cried. I cried because I just wish that I had of got to have that moment with him & he got to show me. I was so close to my grandad Hugh & he was like a dad to me. He died when he was just 74 which I thought was way too young. Kylemore Abbey is well worth a visit to anyone thinking about going. We didn’t go into the Abbey itself as I got too upset but if you every visit the West it is a must see.
Next stop was one of my favourite cities in Ireland, Co. Galway. I can’t go to Galway & stay anywhere else other than the G hotel. It’s my favourite. The decor is just so out there & Philip Treacy really done some job. Anyone who hasn’t stayed there needs to. We were greeted with the gorgeous G cupcakes in our room and stayed in a luxury suite. We arrived just in time for our Afternoon Tea in one of their Signature Lounges. The Pink Afternoon Tea was so delicious. It’s my favourite thing to do ever! The sandwiches were so tasty and as you all know I’ve been to lots of Afternoon Teas but these were one of my favs. I said to Andrew that all I want to do when I am old and retired is go from place to place enjoying Afternoon Tea 🙂 The service in the G is always great. No matter where you go the restaurants, the spa or the reception they are always so nice and helpful. We went to visit their thermal suite after our tea which was so relaxing. I felt like a beach whale in my swimsuit after eating so much cake but sure it was super dark in the thermal suite so was GRAND 😉 Their thermal suite has the coolest jet pool. It has all different massage pressures in it and is so relaxing.
We decided to try out a place to eat in Galway city instead of dining in the G. We had heard about lots of different places but in particular fellow blogger Joanne Larby had recommended 56 Central. Needless to say the food was yum and we loved it 😉 The beds in the G are ridiculous and what I mean by that is ridiculously comfortable. I didn’t want to get up the next morning so we decided to order room service breakfast 🙂 Why not?
After checking out we headed back on our drive to Dublin. On our way back we decided to pop into Kilbeggan Distillery as Andrew is a total whiskey fanatic. It was so interesting and I was quite the shocked at how much I really enjoyed it. It’s Ireland’s oldest licensed distillery and was great to see the new part where they actually make the whiskey too. There was barrels in a glass case that were from when The Script and Mumford & Sons came to visit. It’s ageing nicely there for them whenever they choose to open it.
From there then it was back home we headed. It was just a nice few days away and just what I needed. Andrew and I rarely spend actual alone time together so it was lovely and just what we both needed. I won’t be off work now until probably January (depending on a few things) I want to go snowboarding in the Alps with Andrew then we a surprise 3-day trip that my brother and Tori (his girlfriend) don’t know about yet as it’s their Christmas present then hopefully Iceland to see the Northern Lights with Andrew for his birthday in April. I literally always need to have my next holiday planned otherwise I go crazy 😉
Anyway until next time….
Love Aoibhe xxx
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