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The link to VOTE FOR The Secret Obsession Blog in this years Irish Blog Awards. You can VOTE HERE. We are shortlisted so hoping to secure a place in the final. Ahhh!!! Fingers crossed. Every vote means so much to us all.

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Flormar’s Terracotta Powder in no. 45 & no. 25. It’s sooooo beautiful on the skin. I put in on my cheekbones, collar bones and down the bridge of my nose. IN LOVE!!! Check them out on Facebook HERE.



James Kavanagh on Snapchat. I can’t cope with how utterly gas he is. Anytime I am feeling upset about something I just watch his snaps. Grear entertainer. Go follow him jameskava on Snapchat is his name.


Thinking about…..

How grateful I am for EVERY single one of you who contact me on Snapchat, FB, Twitter. You guys are too fabulous. I read and appreciate every single one of you and seriously thank you to the moon, planet Mars and back 😉


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My holidays for next year. I have always been such a planner when it comes to holidays so I like to plan well in advance. If I don’t have a holiday booked for the coming months then I start to panic. Next year we are looking to go quite a few places and with my new job it’s definitely about advance planning. Let’s just say snowboarding in France, Edinburgh, Marbella, Vegas & Peru are all on the cards so I’m excited to say the least.


Excited about…..

An event I am going to in a few weeks time 😀 It’s with one of my favourite brands. It is all top secret for now but I know it will be a ridiculously exciting evening.

Obsessed with…..

My red strappy shoes from Topshop. I actually love them so much. You can’t wear them for more than a few hours though so if your buying them, you have been WARNED 😀



My friends :( as I’ve been working full time I haven’t had a minute to spend with my friends or my friends little ladies. Indie, Tehya and Feenix probably think I moved back to Australia now :( fingers crossed I will see them this weekend.


Dreaming about…..

My engagement party :) I had plans for myself in terms of get a job, have an engagement party, get a new house sorted etc so I am definitely going to start planning something soon. Eeeeeek!!! It’s not for my engagement party but just imagine that flower arch for your wedding ahhh!! so beautiful. Ohhh and a pink coat I saw in my aunties shop a few weeks back. It’s called The Fashion Hall. Check it out HERE.



This is the coat!!!! Perfect for AW 😀



How I could be as talented as fashion illustrator Aaron Favaloro. He is hands down one of my favourite illustrators along with Holly Shortall and Rachael Hickey. I ordered these gorgeous cards from him in Australia so I can’t wait to frame them when I get my own house.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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