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Since I moved to Australia I had not done much shopping as I had bought so much before leaving I didn’t feel there was a need. But it’s ME!!! Let’s face it that wasn’t going to last very long. So like I had done before I decided to let you in on EVERYTHING I have purchased in the last few weeks. Now bare with me because it really was a lot. I started my new job and you know what I felt like a treat or TEN 😉

So I have put links under everything I could for you to be able to SHOP MY BAG too. Before you wonder YES I do have a shoe addiction. I’ve absolutely no idea how I plan to ever get all my shoes back from Australia.

Forever New Shoes

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These are such comfortable shoes!!!

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I bought these loafers in a store in Perth. I love leopard print but it has to be a certain type of leopard print. They go with so much and are so comfy.


I love shoes that are different and stand out, so the minute I saw these on I NEEDED them! How cool are they?

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I fell in love with these a while back but could never find them. Ohhh of course I found them in Perth.

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Pretty Ballerinas

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These actually look way better on than they do here below.

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All of the below is from a site I found recently called Choies. com. I actually went a bit crazy on it and bought so much. My wishlist is full again with stuff. If you haven’t checked it out then what are you waiting for ladies????

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These are all little bits I’ve picked up online and in stores in Perth.

Sunglasses – Summer is coming in Perth 🙂

Pink chain – I bought one for myself and one as a present for someone. I thought it was such a statement chain.

Moschino phone cover  – I have the Moschino Chips one but thought this was cool as other one was getting a bit grubby.

Lips Bag – This isn’t the Lulu Guiness bag its a copy. Damn good one at that too.

Brooch – I want to put this on a plain white shirt, it will look amazing.

New laptop cover – I bought this online about 7weeks actually can’t remember the website. If I remember il pop it up here.


Australia has the coolest fashion labels. I know they are slowly coming into Ireland but there is so many that have not arrived & they would all do amazing. I bought these Keepsake/Finders Keepers dresses for special occasions I have coming up soon. The blue one is scuba material at the ends so it sits out beautifully like a Victoria Beckham dress and the other is just like a Sandro dress, I love it.

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Happy Shopping 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx


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