What a few weeks I’ve had… It really has all been quite crazy hence the lack of blogging. Two of my beauty columns have been featured in the Ryanair magazine and to say I was delighted would be an understatement. I was thrilled when the Head of Retail for Ryanair Aoife sent me the photo.

I’ve been overwhelmed by how many of you have sent me photos of the page and I’m so happy you loved it. I have 2 more issues so I can’t wait for you to see them all. The 3rd column for September has been sent so I am currently working on the October issue as we speak.

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For us ladies getting our hair done is so important. For me if my hair isn’t nice then I feel horrible. Getting my colour done in Perth was going to be a daunting experience as I’ve used the same amazing ladies for years now. Ami McPartlin from Legally Blonde Hair and Rachel Byrne from Shush Hair Design are two of the best ladies in the business back home in Dublin so for me changing was going to be scary. Needless to say my friend Ally recommended me a girl Natalie in Vintage Hairess on Beaufort St in Inglewood, Perth & I loved it. You don’t need to take out a mortgage to get your hair done here which is great. I had previously been told how expensive it is to keep blonde hair in Oz so $90 was a bargain when she mentioned how much it would be. Make sure to check out her FB page [button link=”https://www.facebook.com/VintageHairess?fref=ts”]HERE[/button] for all you ladies who are living in Perth.

Another amazing thing happened too. My boyfriend Andrew decided that he wanted to come live with me in Perth. We had originally said he would live in Toronto for 6 months and I would live in Oz for 6 months but it’s all changed now and he arrived into Perth nearly 2 weeks ago. I was so happy picking him up from the airport after not seeing him for 7 weeks.

When he arrived we decided to do something really special so we all went to the revolving restaurant, the C in Perth city. It is 33 floors high and looks out over the entire city. Hannah one of my friends had been for her birthday and she loved it so I couldn’t wait to go. It was beautiful. We have been to The View restaurant in New York for my 21st which we loved and was similar so to do this by day was incredible. The views just blew me away.

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Remember in my last post I mentioned I had to cancel going to Thailand? Well the next part of this post will explain why. Whilst in the restaurant I got the best call ever!!!!! I received a phone call from a huge international luxury company to offer me the job of Department Manager in their new store in Perth. I was absolutely delighted so of course we had champagne to celebrate. They told me I would be off to Sydney two days later for 4 days training and I was beyond excited. While I was in Sydney I got to visit all the luxury boutiques in Westfield and really got a feel for my amazing new company. The store officially opened on August 1st on one of the most exclusive streets in Perth King St.

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For a while after I came back from Sydney, we were staying at my friend Doug & Leo’s apartment and when we arrived just look what greeted us?


They are two of the nicest people ever & made us feel right at home. We then moved into our fab new apartment and I’m happy to finally settle in one spot again. I finally got a full length mirror again so will have lots of WHAT I WORES soon enough. I was without hence the lack of outfit posts since arriving in Oz. Our apartment is right in the city and only ten mins from work which is THE DREAM!



I went to Fremantle last week. What a cool suburb. We went to visit Little Creatures Brewery and done a tour of the brewery. Then we headed up to Fremantle Prison and it really was so interesting. I’d definitely recommend to go visit it if your ever in Perth. Only 7 people ever escaped from Fremantle Prison and they were all Irish.  So like you can imagine we were delighted being the only Irish people on the tour and thought what clever people we are 😉

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Living in Perth is all coming together now and I am excited for what lies ahead. As I said before anyone thinking of coming. JUST DO IT! I was only coming for 6months and now look at me. Even though I have my job now, I’m still determined to see this side of the world. We have booked to go to Bali next month and stay in the beautiful Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa. Bali is so close to Perth so it’s like England for us back in Ireland. I’ve heard amazing things about Bali so I’m definitely looking forward to a nice break away.


I just booked my tickets to Stereosonic. It’s a music festival at the end of November in Perth. By November, it will be really sunny here so I’m excited for Summer in Oz. Anyway not much in this Catch up with Aoibhe post because I have been really busy with my new job and getting the store all set up. I’ve lots planned for the next month so I will keep you all informed next month.

Until next time guys 🙂

Love Aoibhe x


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