WHAT I WORE: It’s all Penneys!



I am a bit behind on my posts mainly due to the fact I had a million and one things on before I left for Australia so now I have time to sit down, relax and blog everyday. This is just not something I got time to do in Ireland as I was always so busy so it will be nice to be able to blog much more.

I will have my monthly Catch up with Aoibhe post on Sunday for you all too.

So this outfit.. Well you read it right, it’s literally all from Penneys (Primark). I was in Penneys in Swords a few weeks before I left you know getting all your holiday bits and picked up this entire outfit shoes included.

I was going out for lunch in the Shelbourne Hotel with my boyfriend Andrew before I left and one lady stopped me on my way to the toilet asking where I got my outfit. It really doesn’t look like Penneys at all and the quality of the blazer is amazing too.

The full outfit is in stock now.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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