When I was sent the Cleanse Off Mitt to review, I had actually never heard about it before and I was kind of sceptical, it claims to remove all your makeup (including eye makeup) without a cleansing lotion!  The company’s aim is to reduce us using the likes of facial wipes (from an environmental point of view) and also the fact that wipes dry out our skin… I for one was never a fan of those anyway!

It’s a cleansing brush and foam all the way for me.


So I tried out the mitt with just plain old water and it most certainly did remove ALL my makeup! Now they’ve got my attention!

The Cleanse Off Mitt is designed to target people who lead a hectic lifestyle or in other words are too lazy to have a proper skincare regime!  I am guilty of that after a night out but I do like to relax and do my skincare routine properly every night.

So just taking my makeup off with this mitt probably wouldn’t cut it for me everyday as I’d feel my skin isn’t getting the nourishment or anti-ageing remedies that it needs.  Yes I’m 30 and I need anti-wrinkle stuff! 🙂

But the team at Cleanse Off Mitt (which is an Irish owned company) have got it covered and recommend using it as a pre-cleanser instead, basically “has the dirty job first” and at least it saves on cotton wool too!

It’s re-usable, chemical free & hypoallergenic.


The Cleanse Off Mitt is available to buy from and in selected beauty salons and pharmacies nationwide. With an average cost of €4 – €5 it is worth a try, especially if you use those nasty facial wipes & it’s good for the envirnoment too so what’s not to like?!?  Check out their campaign #binthewipes!

Love Aileen xx


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