Getting the perfect fake tan can be a tricky so we here at TSO decided to bring you our top tips to getting a great summer glow.


New Cocoa Brown Ambassador the gorgeous Vogue Williams

1. Shave + exfoliate 24hrs before putting on your fake tan. This is so important. I learned the hard way a good few years back by shaving and then putting on my fake tan. WOW!!! How sore it was. I ended up not being able to go out it was that painful. So this first step is KEY! Make sure to really scrub your knees, feet, ankle, elbows and hands.

My favourites are….

Soap & Glory The Scrub of your Life [button link=”http://www.soapandglory.com/products/bath-body/exfoliators/the-scrub-of-your-life”]BUY HERE[/button]


Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff  [button link=”http://www.feelunique.com/p/Cocoa-Brown-TOUGH-STUFF-50ml”]BUY HERE[/button]


The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Scrub [button link=”http://www.thebodyshop.ie/bath-body/body-scrubs/coconut-body-scrub.html”]BUY HERE[/button]


2. Next you should apply moisturiser to the driest parts of your skin. These areas absorb more tan and that’s why they always are darker than other parts of your body. Get your knees, elbows, ankles, feet and knuckles.

3. Apply your fake tan or gradual tan. Make sure to use a MITT! I cannot stress this enough. I watched my friend in Oz apply her tan with her HANDS and wow what a mess her hands were. Mitts are cheap and such a good little investment. It’s always best to make sure to get every area of the body. Maybe get help with your back. Personally, I’m a huge fan of an overnight tan rather than an instant one. I think instant can get too messy and one bit of rain & it’s ruined. I was a Sally Hansen girl for life until I discovered new fake tans that really worked with my skin type. I’m extremely pale skinned so finding the right fake tan is so important for me as I love a good glow 😉 Who doesn’t though?

My favourites are…..

Clarins Self Tanning Mousse. This tan is one of my new favourites. I bought it on Itsfabuless.com before I left for Oz for just €15 which is much cheaper than the highstreet. It has an SPF too which is perfect for holidays. [button link=”http://itsfabuless.com/product/clarins-self-tanning-mousse-125ml/”]BUY HERE[/button]


Cocoa Brown 1hr. There is no need to even speak of CB. It’s a beauty shelf must have for me. [button link=”http://www.feelunique.com/p/Cocoa-Brown-One-Hour-Tan-Mousse-150ml”]BUY HERE[/button]


Tan Organic. 100% natural and organic tan that leaves your skin super soft because of it’s Aloe Vera formula inside. [button link=”http://www.tanorganic.com/product-category/our-range/tanorganic/”]BUY HERE.[/button]


4. Make sure to let the tan dry before putting on your clothes for bed. I always recommend to do it the night before an event as when you wake up you have your tan all done. Fake tan does smell however both of the above fake tans have scents in them to hide the nasty fake tan smell that other fake tans have.

5. Wake up and shower. You will notice the tan fading however I generally apply a light 2nd coat depending on how much it has faded. The Clarins one is quite dark so I actually haven’t needed to apply a further coat however I like putting a second layer of Cocoa Brown on.

6. Get dressed and enjoy your night 😀

So when people me  you how do you get the perfect fake tan, that is how I do it. Nothing nicer than a tan. It makes you feel so good and better about yourself. Well maybe that’s just me but I know a lot of girls who feel the same. If your heading on holidays why not try this Body Shop Travel Essentials Kit [button link=”http://itsfabuless.com/product/body-shop-travel-essentials-kit/”]BUY HERE[/button] This has travel size of everything to keep your tanned glow.


Happy tanning 🙂 Love Aoibhe xxx


Images: www.feelunique.com, www.itsfabuless.com, www.weddingguideuk.com, Cocoa Brown Twitter, Vogue Williams – Cocoa Brown Ambassador


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