So for those of you who are new to TSO, this is my chance every month to keep you updated on everything that I’m up to and what’s going on in the world of Aoibhe. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this post finished but it’s quite long and as you can imagine I’ve been doing loads since I arrived.

So for those of you that don’t know, I moved to Australia on the 4th June and I flew with Emirates which I was very excited about. I had heard how great Emirates are to fly with and they were so right. I said my final goodbyes before I left and it was so hard. My fabulous hairdresser & her daughter Emily, my three favourite cousins Niamh, Cara & Aisling, my auntie Siobhan who I’m very close to, my best friend’s fiancée Derek and her two little princesses Tehya & Feenix, my amazing mum who went back to Spain the day I left, my Dad Hugh -the best dad ever, my ‘favourite brother’ Hugh I only have one 🙂 his girlfriend Tori and two of the absolute rocks in my life my best friend forever, Vanessa and my wonderful boyfriend Andrew.

I said goodbye to everyone in Kurt Geiger and they got me some beautiful gifts and flowers. They are a such a great wonderful bunch of people and I already miss them so much. They also got me these gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger cut-out boots I wanted which are perfect for Summer.


Before my  website launch, I decided I need a cleanse. I done a delicious 3-day detox by Ju-Tox. It is very similar to the one I done before and The Ju-Tox team create the juices using fresh locally sourced fruit and vegetable juices.  I loved the juices and they really made me full. You feel really clean after doing the detox plus you get a really great night’s sleep during it also. They cold press the fruit/veg as opposed to using a traditional centrifugal juicer so as to retain the maximum amount of natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements. For more info on Ju-Tox click [button link=”https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ju-Tox/347950575350798?sk=timeline”]HERE. [/button]



We FINALLY launched our new website a few days before I left Ireland and we are so happy with the feedback so far. A lot of you saying how easier it is to use, how pretty it is & how classy it looks too. That’s exactly what I wanted and so glad you all love it like we do here at TSO. Lastly, I want to say a massive thank you to every single one of you that came to the launch and all our sponsors on the night too.

KNC + Mel, the DJ’s who kept us entertained throughout the night
Sugar & Spice Dublin for their stunning candy buffet
Custom Cakes Ireland for our fabulous cake + cupcakes
I-Nailz for perfecting everyone’s beautiful nails
Beverly Hills Formula
Wet n Wild Ireland
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub for the beautiful VIP area where we held the event

I just want to personally thank [button link=”https://www.facebook.com/pages/Extensions-By-Rachel/454378704631645?fref=ts”]Extensions by Rachel [/button] for my doing my Great Lengths so last minute before the event, [button link=”https://www.facebook.com/legallyblonde.hair?fref=ts”]LegallyBlonde Hair [/button] for styling my hair on the night and [button link=”https://www.facebook.com/TheIvoryClosetLimerick?fref=ts”]The Ivory Closet Limerick [/button] for my gown on the night.

Check out all the photos [button link=”https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.625866760843557.1073741836.269976663099237&type=3″]HERE.[/button]

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So I took a couple of weeks off since I got here because I had not seen one of my best friends Ally in a couple of years and wanted time to settle in. I’m living with Ally and 3 of her friends in this beautiful big house just 10mins from Perth city.

On my first day I pretty much chilled and tried to get over the jet lag. I went to see the film The Fault in our Stars when I arrived which was such a great film. If you haven’t went to see it, you definitely should. Very sad film but quite possibly one of my all time favourites now. It just really makes you appreciate a lot and how important it is to realise how lucky you are.

I’ve been to the BEAUTIFUL Hillarys Harbour in Perth and it was such a gorgeous day too. We met with Ally’s friend Hannah and went for lunch down by the harbour. After Ally took me to see some kangaroo’s too. They are so cute, look at the photo Ally took!

10450828_10152467959150638_8546223629932040583_n 10471256_10152467959590638_6827133521433011436_n10373486_10152467960150638_3923383497534375648_n10403416_10152467957735638_3790471320732155498_n

King’s Park – AMAZING view of the city/river


Hannah – Ally’s friend has a beautiful horse called Spring so we went out to visit him. Hannah is going to teach me how to horse ride so I’m very excited. He is just so beautiful. The day was so sunny we went to Swan Valley we decided to go into a winery called Oakover. Visiting a winery is the norm here. Australian’s LOVE their wine and why not too? It’s so good. The wine was delicious and we done a tasting too.

10415717_10152478222015638_1981165149192262861_n 10455444_10152478224140638_6846662705857423360_n 10462917_10152478224285638_8725915498450094963_n 10387235_10152478222535638_8530325259125010994_n10443366_10152478220245638_3512778050854918059_n 10425841_10152478224360638_101031106322090857_n10433098_10152478220315638_9059248545596571240_n  = 10402933_10152478221695638_4901258344851890758_n 10435591_10152478221680638_2268165606548208216_n

Their is a shop called Ally (below) and I was SHOCKED when I walked in because they sell so much clothes from website Hello Molly but at half the price. I’ll definitely be stocking up on a few bits soon. Ally wanted to show me their beautiful beaches one day so we took a walk all along the coast and WOW!! They were beautiful. You just need to look at my photos. I was taken away by how gorgeous the sea was. They do have sharks though eeeeeek!!!

10365991_10152478221770638_836321069169928524_n 10410106_10152478220235638_1530872780396142711_n10479064_10152478224490638_628685178102704326_n 10422924_10152478221905638_4227337455234271862_n 10177238_10152478220195638_7787004897847977814_n 10454528_10152478224540638_7897910592114158066_n

My 1st night out in Perth. My playsuit is by Lavish Alice, Bag is Penneys (last year) and shoes River Island.

10369745_10152478224710638_4652632350818942961_n 10363894_10152478224850638_4118737769765060544_n


Visiting Bells Rapid with Hannah. The sun was setting and it was just so gorgeous. We went on a really long walk through the hills and it was just so beautiful.

10303773_10152482243730638_7253348930485947495_n 10407073_10152498227455638_4234602027844194097_n 10409702_10152498227100638_2208466679403999469_n1907370_10152498227400638_6242672818282412508_n

Then last weekend 7 of us headed down to Margaret River to go on a wine tour. It was so much fun. It’s their version of Galway to us in Ireland. It takes 3 hours to get there and it’s a buzzing little town. Their wine is to die for. Please can I say I was not a massive wine drinker before I left and now I am in love. It’s so good here and also their champagne, no words. Hannah has another horse down south so on our way down we popped in to visit. We went for a really nice meal in the Margaret River hotel that night too. The wine tour was lots of fun and we met some really cool people on it. Not only did we visit 3 winery’s, we went to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, a distillery and a brewery so we were slightly intoxicated by the end to say the least. We went to visit caves too which was pretty interesting and finished off our great weekend with a random helicopter ride around Yallingup. What an experience!

Thank you Doug for organising the trip and to Ally, Leo, Hannah, Steve and Shae for making it a fab weekend.

Here are some photos from our little trip Down South.




We ate crocodile on the wine tour too. It tasted like smoked ham 🙂


    10408867_10152494548235638_979931798131173031_n 10362383_10152494553140638_2347332822404617934_n 10367737_10152494557665638_3790555848297312776_n 10443457_10152494548115638_5488543733557821916_n

Our view from the helicopter was incredible. Thanks so much to Steve for organising it.

10494810_10152494548360638_1456014681691553481_n Fotor0624154632

So what’s next…..

I decided to put off my trip to Thailand for the moment, a few complications that led to me not being able to go as soon as I would have liked but I will get there. I now start work on Thursday and I have started to look at moving into my own house which is exciting. We are all going out this Saturday for Shae’s birthday (Ally’s housemate) so that will be a great night, going to Aussie rules match soon, visit to Fremantle prison/Perth zoo and apparently the nicest bakery in Perth on Friday. You know me 😉 LOVE a good cupcake. We are also looking at going to up north to Broome in August for the races too.

I will keep you all up to date in my next post. And any of you thinking of moving here… DO IT! I will never look back. It’s an amazing country and already I’ve done so much.



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