Forget the “selfie” for a minute and make room for the newest craze sneaking into our social media and that is the “self eye”.

Thanks to Max Factors PR stunt in January to promote their two step Excess Volume Extreme Impact mascara, (they ask you to photograph your eye or eyes with their mascara on and #selfeye).
 Focussing on and perfecting your eye makeup never got more interesting…  

I hate to gloat here Max Factor, but my screen saver on my phone 10 years ago was my big green eye! Purely because I was delighted with how my eye makeup looked – fast forward to 2014 and #selfeye seems to be quite the trend! 

Beauty experts and bloggers photgraph this alot for shoot & runway but for us mere mortals it takes the #selfie onto a whole new “up-close” level!
I think it’s a great way to have a snap of your eye makeup up close, so you can recreate the look another time in the exact same way.

I’m kinda hooked, are you?
Love Aileen x
Images : Instagram



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