First of all…Happy NEW Year! I know this post is a bit late but better late than never….:)
A good few of you mailed me asking about my Christmas presents and what I got. I want to just say before anyone says ‘I’m showing off’ I promise I am not, readers have asked me to do this post and that is my only reason for it.
I was spoilt, I am not going to lie. I really got too much but I have the BEST family and boyfriend in the world. So I will start at the top of the photo and move my way down.


1. Adidas gym gear. This is all available from Littlewoods Ireland.
2. Baby pink fur jacket from Libra. This was my surprise from my amazing daddy. He got it in my auntie’s shop, The Fashion Hall in Balbriggan. How nice is it on? I love it.. (colour looks different but it is baby pink like photo above)
3. As you all know I LOVE Baking so I got loads of baking bits from my boyfriend’s mum, Margaret. The pink star & loveheart shapes are for making your own chocolates.
4. No7 Face Mirror with light. This can be bought in Boots. I got this from my brother’s girlfriend, Tori. BUY HERE.
5. ‘Aoife’ lollipop from my Mum
6. Butlers Make your own ‘Hot Chocolate’ from my bestie Vanessa. They are SO YUM!
7. I’m a BIG 1D fan so my brother surprised me with their DVD, This is Us.
8. Ohhhhh this one was very exciting. It’s the Prada Saffiano Fuoco in red from the Prada boutique in Brown Thomas, thanks to my wonderful Dad. I had wanted this bag for AGES! So handy and cute. Perfect city bag.


9.  Kurt Geiger London Tan/Leopard Hightops from my mum. BUY them HERE.
10. Lady Million perfume from my mum.
11. Glamglow Mud Mask from my mum. You can buy this AMAZING product online HERE in Monica Tolan’s Balbriggan.
12. MAC Diva lipstick
13. This is another Ohhhhh! My boyfriend got me these beautiful So Noir 100 Valentino’s from Brown Thomas. I’ve already worn they and WOW! I would say at least 10 people asked me about my shoes. Thank you Andrew 😉
14. 100 Iconic Vogue covers in postcards. This was such a cool present and will be put with my fashion books. Thank you so much to my boyfriend’s auntie Sarah. What a cool present.
15. And my final gift. Two pairs of Custom Vintage Dublin shorts from my brother. I wanted these for way way too long and seeing that Oz was booked I needed them in my life. I went for Tie-dye Aztecs and purple deluxe with studs. I LOVE them and can’t wait to wear them.
So there you have it…What I got this Christmas in a nut shell. I just want to apoligise for my absence in writing posts on the blog. My first assignment in due Monday and I will be only delighted when it is sent in. I have missed posting so don’t worry I’m back now.


Love Aoibhe xxx 

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