The holiday season is well and truly upon us and every girl knows what that means – Christmas parties. It’s my favourite time of year because there are so many reasons to get dolled up and spend time with friends and family. But with so many parties and dinners it is possible to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all! I’m here to give you so hair inspiration from the hottest celebs around. Now I know they have all had their hair done professionally but these are simple looks and easily done at home. The festive season is a great time to experiment with looks and do something different.

The first look is one of Lauren Conrad. Everyone loves Lauren’s hair, but this look is very achievable and perfect for any festive outings you may have. First add some curls to the ends of your hair. Get lots of volume and texture into the hair with some dry shampoo and backcombing. Push the section at the crown into a slight quiff and secure with bobby pins. Use a clear elastic to secure the ponytail. Wrap random sections of hair around the elastic to hide it and pin them at random.

The second look is a grecian style look worn by Rachel McAdams. You’ll want to again add some volume and texture to the hair with backcombing and dry shampoo and push the section at the crown into a quiff. Secure with bobby pins and then plait the ends of the hair to whichever side you like. This look isn’t meant to be perfect so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And I think you’ll agree it looks amazing and festive with a red lip.

For both of these looks I would highly recommend the Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo for texture and the Umberto Giannini, Backcomb in a Bottle. Both are available at Boots stores nationwide. 

This final look is really simple.

If you are in a rush and only have time to straighten or blowdry your hair, smooth it out with some serum and then just twist back a front section from either side and secure. I would highly recommend John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Cream, it’s great to smooth out frizz and tame flyaways. 

It’s also available at Boots.

Love Amy



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