So finally here is the REVIEW a lot of you have been tweeting me & mailing me about….

What do I think of the brand new product CHOCOLATE WHIP from Cocoa Brown?

First..THE SMELL! It is to die for ladies. It has a sweet smell and really makes you want to eat it. Next..THE LOOK! As you can see from my photo below, it is a brown chocolate colour.
Lastly…THE FEEL! The texture is smooth and silky when rubbed into the skin. When 1st applied it is brown then turns slightly white in colour but I would actually say MELTS into the skin. I felt it really gave my tan a more even finish and my legs/arms felt super soft afterwards.

It is an oil-free body moisturiser which unlike other moisturisers that you use makes sure your tan lasts longer. Chocolate Whip has Vitamin E and Panthenol inside. Both ingredients reduce the appearance of stretch marks and age spots and also will protect your skin.
 CHOCOLATE WHIP is available HERE for now but will be widely available in stockists nationwide by 11th November 2013.

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Let me know how you get on if you buy it guys 🙂 

Love Aoibhe xxx


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