As you all know I ADORE baking. I have a very sweet tooth and get it from my nana. She loved a good dessert. I know that so many of you enjoy my baking section on the blog. My new website will have a total separate section dedicated to baking alone so all you bakers out there can recreate my yummy goodies. 
My next recipe is my delicious Oreo Red Velvet cupcakes. This recipe should make 12 big cupcakes. The ingredients you need are the following:
12 Large Muffin Cases

Sponge –
25ml Red Food colouring
300g plain flour
Teaspoon of Salt
1tablespoon of White Wine Vinegar
1 tablespoon Sparkling Water
Block of Stork
300g caster sugar
200g Cocoa Powder
2 large eggs
300ml milk

Frosting –

500g Icing Sugar
Pack of Oreos
3/4 block of Stork
200g Cocoa Powder
40ml milk

Set the oven on 190 degrees to get it warm. 
Mix the caster sugar, eggs and stork together to form a thick paste in one bowl. Mix the plain flour, milk and salt in another bowl and lastly the cocoa powder, white wine vinegar and red food colouring together in another. So you should now have three bowls.

Mix them all together in one big bowl slowly adding them together. That is your base sorted. So pop the mix into the muffin cases. Make sure these are big cases. 

So while they are in the oven for 18 minutes, we will prepare the topping. My fav 😉

Mix the icing sugar, stock, cocoa powder and milk together. This takes a few minutes and watch not to spill them as it can get messy with icing sugar. When it is done, it should be a creamy frosting ready for the top of the cupcakes. 

When they are finished in the oven allow them to cool for 15 minutes as the frosting will just run off it and not go hard otherwise. When ready put the frosting on top of the cupcakes. Chop up 6 oreos into halves, then place half oreos on each cupcake. With the rest of the packet of oreos, crush them in a small bag to that they are totally crumbled. Then sprinkle it on top. 

Leave them to harden for about 20mins. Eat and enjoy!!!! 
It’s that easy 😉 Note to self: DO NOT eat frosting mixture whilst making it as you will feel VERY sick and won’t be able to eat the cupcakes when they are done.

Happy Baking 🙂 

Love Aoibhe xxx


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