This is a brand new post I’m bringing to the blog. I felt that after a year of blogging its about time I got a bit more personal with my readers and the blog. So I’ve decided to do a post called ‘Catch up with Aoibhe’ every two weeks where I keep you updated on everything that I’m up to and what’s going on.

Firstly, I want to say that I PROMISE I am starting my YouTube channel. I have been super super busy since coming back from London (you’ll read below) so I do promise to get it going very very soon. In the meantime, you can subscribe to my channel HERE.

London was INSANE! There is no other way to describe it. I loved every minute of it. I stayed in Hendon, North London with my friend Katie. It was amazing. I am in love with London even more now. The internship was fun but long days and a lot of travelling. I am so used to chatting with customers and being around people and the internship was very much me & the other interns. I did really enjoy it and the people where so nice. Apart from that though, London in general is the best place in the world. I went for Afternoon Tea in the May Fair Hotel with Katie and her friends Laura, Chelsea and Alice which was so lovely.

We sat, chatted, drank champagne and had some beautiful nibbles one Sunday afternoon. Her friends were all so nice which made my stay even better. We went to a Cake & Bake Show one day too.

As you all know I am obsessed with baking and thinking about it I haven’t baked in ages. Time to get back on it and post some recipes. The Cake & Bake Show was sooooo good. I wanted to eat everything. There was people from the Great British Bake Off there too. Some really impressive cakes at it too. See some of them below.

I also went to the GQ Carnaby Street Style night which was so much fun and went to Birmingham first class for a day too. All in all that’s just a brief snippet of my trip and I could ramble on for ages but it was amazing.

When I came home from London it was ALL GO! I styled a photoshoot for which was so much fun 🙂 Full post coming about it this week but I literally loved it so much. What girl doesn’t love picking outfits? Ehhh EVERY GIRL! After the shoot, Andrew and I went away for the weekend to the Ice House Hotel, Ballina Co. Mayo. Read all about it HERE. This sign made me laugh so much, driving through a little town on the way. Only in Ireland for sure!!! 

I also bought this FAB new lip colour down there from Maybelline. I put a photo up on the blog and I highly recommend it. It’s more of a lip stain and really does last. Definitely a must have for anyone that loves their lipsticks. 

For those of you that don’t know, I actually go to college part-time too. Yes, I work full-time, blog and go to college part-time. So I am trying to blog as much as possible but haven’t had the time. I will be now it’s less manic. I started back my final year last week so it literally has been a crazy few weeks. I am in my 4th year of a Marketing with Event Management degree so needless to say I can’t WAIT to finish. Just one more year left! 

Ohhhh and I also got news that I was picked as one of the finalists in the RSVP/Oasis Blogger Competition. There will be two winners, one picked by the public and one picked by the judges. You can vote for me HERE. Thank you so so so much for everyone that has voted so far, I really appreciate it. I’m off to the final this coming Thursday in Oasis on Grafton St so it should be a really exciting night and I will get to meet loads of other Irish bloggers too. Eeeek!! Loads of photos in my next post 😉 One of my followers who I invited to my blog’s 1st birthday Megan Stacey is in the final too. She has her own blog, RecessionistaStyling which is brilliant. So I can’t wait to see her too 🙂 

Last week I got to see my two favourite little princesses in the whole world, Tehya and Feenix who are my best friend Vanessa’s two little girls. They are the cutest little ladies ever and always put me in a good mood. Before I went back to work I spent the day with them and had so much fun. Like look at their little faces??

Then on Sunday night, I headed into Dublin with Andrew and two of his friends to see the legend JAYZ! Well no words can describe how good he was.. I just love him. We were right up the front and he really put on a great show. Sadly no photos as my battery went on my phone and of course as always Aoibhe forgets her camera. I’m terrible at taking photos. I think that will definitely be one of my new years resolutions. TAKE MORE PHOTOS!!!!!!! I’m not really a ‘look at me’ type of person where I post photos of myself ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY on my blog as I think it can get a bit ‘all about me’ so hence me starting this post. It’s my way of keep you all updated with my life without bombarding you with selfies everyday. 

And lastly my hair…well what’s left of it!! I have been getting a good few mails about my colourist/extensions so I decided to add this in at the end. Well, I literally just got my Hotlox extensions out and I have no hair! LITERALLY! Like my hair is just so thin and weak. My colourist Ami McPartlin for LegallyBlonde Hair took them out for me and thank god she did. My hair was coming out in lumps (not nice). 
She is AMAAAZING at what she does. She has been styling my hair for ages now. Look what she done for me last weekend. So simple but stylish (above). 

I’m going to let my hair breath for a few weeks before getting different extensions back in. I would 100% not recommend Hotlox although they looked great in my hair, they have ruined my hair completely. I am thinking of going for a Lauren Conrad look next time. Now it’s a big thing for me as I’m not usually a lover of CHANGE when it comes to my hair but we’ll see. Of course Ami is dying for me to do it. She’s will do a fab job if she does it though. Check out all her photos on her FB page LegallyBlonde Hair.

 So that’s all from me for now….Hope your liking the new post. Chat soon guys!

And remember ‘Stay stylish’..:)

Love Aoibhe xxx


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