My Monday nights are sorted for 8 weeks as of 30th September! Sky Living will be showing the UK version of a modelling contest called “The Face”. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for wanting to watch beautiful women battle it out to be crowned with some sort of title like Top Model or now… The Face! It’s easy viewing but inspiring in every aspect of fashion and beauty.

What really made it intriguing for me was the fact that supermodel Naomi Campbell is one of the mentors alongside fellow “Supers” Erin O’ Connor and Caroline Winberg. Naomi is fierce and I have no doubt that she will make for great tv viewing.
“The Face” is alot different to the other modelling shows. In this show we see the three “Supers” choose 4 beauties to mentor and then battle it out against eachother while doing everyday modelling and fashion industry tasks. It’s a world every fashionista wants to see into and I reckon it’s gonna be one to watch.

It comes with it’s own bit of scandal also, as Naomi worked on the U.S version of The Face earlier this year, it turns out one of the girls SHE mentored (Luo Zillin) began dating her billionaire ex Vladimir Doronin that she split from during the Summer. It may have been a brief affair but Luo is one brave girl. How does the saying go…..’bite the hand that feeds you’!!!

Anyway, my Autumn telly is planned for a little while, I hope it’s as good as it looks!
Love Aileen x
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