Yes!!!! I did….I recieved the HIGHLY anticipated Tough Stuff from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter. Following the massive success of Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan and Cocoa Brown Night/Day Tan, Marissa has launched a fabulous *NEW* product to not only prepare your skin for tanning and remove that beautiful tan also.

Tough Stuff is a deep body exfoliator that can be used on those ‘tough’ areas of the body like feet, elbows, knees and hands. It is a far cry from your normal body scrub that you may use. This product removes every last bit of tan left on the skin.

I used Tough Stuff both as a tan remover and an all over body scrub and the results were AMAZING. The product comes in a sachet and is of course PINK! It smells beautiful as it contains the same gorgeous scent, Gardenia used in both other Cocoa Brown products. 

Exfoliating for me has always been an exhausting task as you continuously scrub your skin until it is red raw. Tough Stuff gives you that exfoliation without the pain. A scrub is always going to leave the skin red no matter what, so be prepared for this however a much easy task.

I use exfoliating gloves that can be bought in Pennys or any nearby pharmacy. I wet the gloves and then placed product on them before rubbing my legs in circular motions until I couldn’t see my tan anymore. You will feel the grains in the product as you scrub the skin. I think one sachet is perfect for an all over full body massage however I had a bit left over. My skin felt so good after and super soft.

The photos really speak for themselves. PS. Sorry about the feet. I HATE feet. I had worn tights and my work shoes after a night out so hence why the tan lines are there. But look at how much of my tan came off. You can clearly see how great this product really is, as I went from being super tanned to a nice pale colour.



Overall, I would highly recommend Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. It’s a 10 out of 10 for me. Tough Stuff has yet to hit stores nationwide yet however can be bought on

 FINALLY, I have found a product that gives me that deep exfoliation and gives me back my pale white skin ready for my next Cocoa Brown tanning session.

Marissa and her Cocoa Brown brand have grown tremendously over the past 10 months as they take THE WORLD by storm. All down to hard-work and determination, Marissa is a huge inspiration not only to myself but I know to women all over Ireland. Marissa graced us with her presence in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post talking about her US takeover. Yes!!! I said US. The pink lady is about to take her little pink bottle all the way to the Oscars next year. I would like to congratulate Marissa and the Cocoa Brown team for their well deserved success.
Love Aoibhe xxxx


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