My Make-up Artist friend has introduced me to the only ANTI AGEING miracle on the Irish market. 
It’s a Hand held Galvanic Spa machine that targets all the sources of ageing (wrinkles, smile lines, crows feet, goules, elasticity, vibrancy and much more) It also targets deep-set lines, cellulite, sagging skin, bingo wings and HAIR LOSS, yes, hair loss!
 There are so much things this hand held machine can do to change your life for the better. How it works is pretty genius, Nu Skin has found the ‘gene clusters’ that are responsible for making us age, with this machine we are able to do short treatments that reset the genes that make us age back to a youthful state. No other company in the world has this technology and wont for a very long time as 75 out of the top hundred scientists in the world work with Nu Skin. Vanessa is in love with this machine and says is a great treatment to use before makeup too as it smoothes out the skin. 
Nu Skin is a 2.2 billion dollar company from the USA, Listed on the NewYork Stock Exchange and Forbes Magazines no.4 on the list of the most TRUSTWORTHY companies. They are a highly credible company! Why have you never heard of it? It’s brand new to Ireland! Not for long as it will soon be in everybodies household. 
Who wants to be one of the first to change themselves for the better? I sure do! 
Contact her for more info HERE.

Love Aoibhe xxxx


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