I FEEL BEAUTIFUL WHEN…. I am eating healthy and training in the gym. I am on my 2nd class of Miha Body Pulse Fitness and have signed up to a 4week program. Read about it HERE.

THE BEST BEAUTY ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED WAS…. to always take my makeup off at night. I cannot bare to wake up with my makeup still on. It’s the worst feeling ever!

THE PRODUCT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IS…. Cocoa Brown Tan. I have extremely pale skin and never EVER get a tan so Cocoa Brown does the job every time. You are probably all sick of me raving on about it but its the best tan out there by far. 

MY BEAUTY SECRET IS…. Clarins High Definition Body Lift. It’s the best leg cream. 

MY BEST FEATURE IS…. I am quite a fan of my teeth. People always comment on how white they are so that’s nice. I use WhiteGlo Teeth Whitening which is AMAZING! Read about it HERE. But I do like my legs too.

MY BIGGEST BEAUTY MISTAKE WAS…. Wearing Elizabeth Arden compact foundation when I first started wearing makeup. Ohh it was bad! WAY too thick & my boyfriend hated it.

MY MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD ME…. to be comfortable in your own skin regardless of what people will say!

MY BEST BEAUTY SPOT IS…. Monica Tolan’s Balbriggan. Living in Dublin since last October has stopped me from getting there but now I’m at home I will definitely be booking in. 

WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR I SEE… Aoibhe! No I see a work in progress. I am on my way to get that toned body I’ve always wanted. With the help of Miha Body Pulse hopefully ill get there.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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