If you are newly engaged, you will be most likely already thinking about where you will choose as the perfect venue to host your special day (and about THE dress!). This is a very exciting time! Not only will you be spending the majority of your wedding day in the venue, you and your groom will also be spending quite a chunk of the wedding budget on it. So naturally, you want to make sure you choose the right place!
Here are some of our tips and tricks to help you along the way when it comes to finding your ideal wedding venue:
Decide on the Budget
First things first you should sit down with your groom and work together to firstly make an overall wedding budget, then breaking it down to how much will be spent on each element of the day. This will save time (and disappointment) as you will not begin looking at venues which are out of your budget.
Check their Availability
If you have a date for your wedding set in your mind there is no point in going to view venues which are booked out on this date. WeddingDates.ie allows you to search for your wedding venue by date, giving you an instant report of the venues in your chosen area which have your date free.
Take Notes
When you have narrowed down your choices and are going for a show around in some of your venues Bring a notepad and pen and take down any useful points you might forget. The wedding coordinator or events manager wants you to get a feel for the venue and how you could spend your wedding day there. Remember they are there to help! If the venues allows for it you might also like to take some images of the surroundings to refresh your memory when it comes to making the decision.
Ask for Their Advice
If you have your heart set on a venue but the price is out of your budget, don’t be afraid to ask for any special packages they can offer. Many wedding venues offer greatly discounted rates if you are willing to have your wedding midweek. The chef might even be able to make up a less expensive wedding menu to suit your needs. You won’t know unless you ask! If all else fails and you really want to go with a certain venue, you might just have to consider ditching the 2nd cousins and shortening the guest list to fund it. Just make sure you haven’t already sent out the invitations!..
Most of all, you should enjoy the experience of visiting such stunning wedding venues in the search for yours. These are the days you will remember for the rest of your life!
Guest Blogger: Levi Moriarty is the Online Editor at WeddingDates, an Ireland & UK Wedding Venue Website which allows engaged couples to search for your wedding venue by date.
Images: www.beweddingplanner.ie, www.weddingdates.ie

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