Some people that know me well, know that I’m a lover of a bit of baking. When I was younger I would sit and watch my AMAZING Nana bake for hours on end and sit with my grandad (RIP) to eat it all.
I’m all grown up now and it’s something I absolutely love doing. I make Malteaser Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, all different sort of cupcakes, white chocolate brownies, raspberry chessecake brownie AND Mars Bar slices to name a few. 
So I popped up a photo of my latest creation my Mars Bar Slices and you all loved it because realistically who doesn’t just ADORE anything choc-lately.
Here’s the recipe:
Melt 3 Mars Bars over pot of water
Add 2 small tablespoons of butter
Stir until melted
Put mixture in big bowl
Add rice krispies
Mix together
Pop it in a greaseproof flat dish
Melt white chocolate in different bowl
Cover the mixture in the dish with the white chocolate so it’s FULLY covered. NOTE: Make sure it’s a nice and thick layer 😉
Crush Malteasers in the bag and sprinkle over the top covering it all
Put in freezer for 30mins
That easy….It’s so simple and yummy girls <3 If you do make it please send me a pic for the blog would love to pop your photos on this post too 😉
Happy cooking 🙂
Love Aoibhe xxxxxx

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