As this was one of my most viewed posts last time, I decided to another for this month. It’s part of Stellar Magazine’s monthly issues and I always enjoy reading them. So here it is…..
1. Clicking on….
Hayden Williams Tumblr page. He is actually one of the most talented people ever. I love his illustrations. I want him to do one for me for the blog. 
2. Following….
Cara Delevingne on Twitter. She’s graced every catwalk for all the coolest shows during each Fashion Week so I can’t stop seeing what she is up to. 
3. Loving….
It’s that time of year again!!!! The Malteaser bunny is back..and although I absolutely love them, I can’t stop eating them! They are so yummy. 
4. Saving for….
Moving to Canada next year. I literally just started saving. Me and my boyfriend are moving to Vancouver next May.
5. Thinking about….
  Doing a Fashion Marketing Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m researching it all at the moment so we’ll see how it goes.
6. Listening to….
The Saturdays ‘new’ single What About Us. I didn’t like it at the start but now I love it. It’s so catchy.
7. Doing….
All my college assignments. Working full-time, having the blog and doing a part-time Honours Degree isn’t as easy as I thought. Only 2 presentations and 1 assignment to go then exams and 3rd year is all over!
8. Obsessed with….
This Micheal Kors Barrel Ring which I can’t find anywhere. I need it in my life! It’s so pretty.
Hope you enjoyed 🙂 
Love Aoibhe xxxxxxx

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