Mc Fly’s Tom Fletcher posts his ‘wedding speech’ on YouTube!

So it only took him 8 months to post….but Tom Fletcher finally posted his ‘wedding speech’ where he married his childhood girlfriend, Giovanna Falcone (Mario from TOWIE’s sister) which he sang on YouTube. 
The 14-minute video see’s Tom thank everyone in his wedding party individually from his ushers to bridesmaid, his parents to Giovanna. 
He admitted that he was very nervous at the thought of doing a speech so chose to write a song instead. 
‘So Giovanna can tell you that the only nerves and anxiety I’ve had about this wedding has been about giving this speech. I absolutely hate public speaking. Me and public speaking we just do not get along at all.’
‘Mainly because I don’t have any idea about how to write a good speech… But I do know how to write a song. So I hope this isn’t cheating myself out of it too much.’
He then bursts into his speech/song saying:
 ‘Recently I’ve been having a wedding. I’ve married this girl who’s out of this world, believe me. We are so grateful to so many people. But we’re saying thank you to only a few, so sorry…’

He sings the speech over different McFly tracks ending with ‘All About You’. It was so original and did make me cry. It was just so personal. 
Watch it HERE.
Love Aoibhe xxxx

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