Red lipstick is one beauty trend that will just never fade. For generations it has graced beauty bags and dressing tables with it’s timeless and glamorous look. So why does this particular colour of lippy just NEVER seem to go off trend?
 Nicolas Degennes artistic director at Givenchy explains: “Red lips convey life. Red lips symbolise the story of Beauty. Red lips convey the notion of energy, passion. Red colour conveys all those words and it is passion that characterises that colour.”
They say red lipstick is not for everybody but I couldn’t disagree more. Red lips can be worn by everyone. Their are so many different shades of red lipstick that it is a matter of finding the perfect share to suit your personally. Whether that takes days or months, it is definitely worth the wait. 
Red has such a rich palette of hues, there is a shade for all. Red is also a powerful colour and can dramatically change your look. “Reds come in a variety of three families,” says Chanel UK Make-Up Training manager Matt Wright, “Pink reds, orange reds and true balanced reds.”
Pink reds – 
These generally harmonise well with fairer, rosy skin tones. This type of red is also great for making the teeth look whiter as it has a slightly ‘blue’ undertone.
Orange reds – Those with olive or golden skin tend to be flattered by a more sunny ‘orange’ red, however beware if your teeth are stained as orange reds will emphasise the discolouration!
True balanced reds – These suit all skin tones, however if you have small lips or are new to wearing red, mix the lipstick with a little gloss to sheer the texture out and create a stain. This will make the colour easier to wear, plus also increases volume.
 A couple of my favourite reds have to be:
Lady Danger MAC
Rouge Pur Shine No.1 YSL
Coco Rouge in Paris CHANEL 
Which red lipstick is your favourite? I’d LOVE to hear from you on it. I absolutely adore red lips and up until 4 years ago I wouldn’t even wear lipstick at all. You should try it if you have not before. It really does change your look.
Love Aoibhe xxxxx

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