Something I have noticed on quite a lot of celebs recently, is their use of coloured lash extensions. Celebs are loving a bit of colour on the eyelashes and in particular our lovely Kim K is a huge fan along with Katy Perry. With eyelashes that are full and fabulous and more importantly go on FOREVER, we want to know how to get eyes that pop. 
Elaine McParland, owner of Up To My Eyes in Greystones gives us the low down on how to recreate Kim’s look. The coloured lases add length and volume but also accentuate the eye by complimenting the natural eye colour and make your eyes appear larger. Kim Kardashian has brown eyes and olive skin so a dark green tint on her lashes gives her added glamour and completes her look nicely.

Coloured lashes can really and definition to your eyes and when added with liner and eyeshadow can really make the eyes pop. The best thing is to find the colour that suits you best. For example purple and midnight blue work perfectly with blondes and plum and emerald green best on dark hair. 

So why not be a bit adventurous this party season and go for something totally adifferent. Try out a coloured eyelash at Up To My Eyes. Starting at €120 the lashes last up to 4 weeks and are 100% worth every cent.  Check out Up To My Eyes for more details.

That is definitely something to FLUTTER your eyelashes at…. 

Love Aoibhe xxxxx



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