STYLE is all knowing about yourself and what you want to portray. Once your comfortable in yourself that is the main thing. Each person has different style and I think that’s what makes everyone so unique. Let’s have a look at how to find YOUR OWN personal style:
1. Understand your body
Know your body shape and what really suits you and work with it. Make sure to know what parts of your body you feel most comfortable with.

2. Don’t follow trends just because their in Fashion
Although it is cool to add pieces each season and update your wardrobe, don’t follow trends that don’t suit your body shape. Wait until something really suits you then buy lots of it.

3. Make sure that every piece you buy actually FITS YOU
We have all done it let’s admit it.. bought something to big or small just because your heart sank when you seen it sitting on the rail before you. This is not good. Any item you buy that is too big or small is never going to look good on you as good as something fitted to your body shape.

4. Keep a notebook or clothes diary
This sounds mad I know but a great way to know what looks good on you is take some photos. Keep a diary of this and you will see what works and what doesn’t. Did a certain outfit make you feel great? If so remember it in you style diary.

5. Make sure you have the NECESSARY basics 
Little black dress
A classic white shirt
A good pair of pumps
A leather jacket
Perfect fitting jeans

These basics may vary from person to person but I think that these 5 are key to any wardrobe. 
Any questions on style or what might suit you? MAIL ME!
Love Aoibhe xxx

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