The person
My boyfriend Andrew <3
The memory
Performing as the Spice Girls with four childhood friends Vanessa, Jenni, Faye and Grace aged 7 in my back garden. We sang in front of about 60 people and we gave it socks.  
The moment of the day
Getting home from work and putting on my UGG slippers. They are heaven. After being on your feet all day it’s the best feeling in the world.
The song
The Wanted – Glad you Came. This song reminds me of one of the cutest people in the world, my friend’s gorgeous daughter Tehya. It reminds me of singing it with her last summer in the car in the sun.
The movie
Inside Man. Love a good action film. Keeps you on the edge!
The hero
My grandad. WHAT A MAN! He was such an inspiration to me and always will be. I will never forget him.

The book
The Secret. A very motivational book. If you haven’t read it. GET IT!

The outfit
Anything that involves a blazer. I am obsessed. Just love them.

The accessory
My Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM bag, I got last Christmas. It holds everything.

The gadget
My Iphone. I could not live without it.

My pet hate
Rude people. I was brought up being taught that manners cost nothing.

The friend
My childhood friend Vanessa. We’ve been friends since we were no height and still are very close. My life wouldn’t be complete without her. She’s always there no matter what. Special mention to my other besties Shereen, Jenni, Ally and Stacey. I love you all x

The beauty product
Batiste Dry Shampoo. Best thing ever when your in a rush.

The holiday
I have been on a few amazing holidays like Mexico, Tanzania, New York, South Africa and The Maldives. South Africa is my favourite place in the world but The Maldives was unbelievable. 

The piece of advice
NEVER GIVE UP! It’s as simple as that. People who know me personally will know that this describes me exactly.

The drink
Kopperberg Pear. I just love it. It’s super yummy.

The hotel
The G Hotel in Galway, Ireland. By far the most amazing hotel I have ever stayed in. Such a quirky venue.

The bar
The View Restaurant and Bar in NYC. A revolving restaurant high above New York. It is one of the most coolest things ever. Once in a lifetime thing to do.

The hobby
Snowboarding. I love it so much. Can’t wait to go again this Winter.
The part of my body
My teeth. I think a smile is so important.
The celebrity
Victoria Beckham. Ohh what I would do to meet her.
The virtue
Positivity and enthusiasm
The vice
The smell
Poeme by Lancome. This was my 1st perfume
The taste
Anything Mexican. LOVE a good taco.
Hope you enjoyed.
Love Aoibhe xxxx


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