So ONE THING I cannot go out without on a night out is a “clutch”. There is numerous ways you can wear a clutch bag and it all really depends on your style. You can either match it to your outfit or be go the complete opposite way and be really bold with it. It is definitely something you need to get used to carrying around and making sure you don’t leave it behind you.There are so many different shapes and sizes out there these days which I am totally obsessed with. A clutch bag can completely POP an outfit and really change it up. Anyone scared of this should definitely risk it, it always pays off.
Check out some of the amazing Statement Clutch bags I found all for under €50. Like this make me so excited there that HOT! 🙂
Zara €39.95 €
River Island €49
Forever 21 €26.75 €24.44
Forever 21 €28.75 €40.73 €34

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