Since I started working in BT2 I have a new love of constantly getting my nails done. It is actually one of the best places I have ever gotten them done. Claire and her team in BT2 Dundrum are so great and really go that extra mile for you. PERFECTION really is the word to describe it. They also do lashes, threading and tinting which is amazing. Check out there range of gorgeous shades they have. EVERY COLOUR imaginable.

Here is a couple of photos of the FAB stuff they have done on my nails.

Camden Town Neon Pink Crackle/Floral Street White Polish

Baker Street Blue/Bedford Square 3D Gold Glitter

The one I got done TODAY, Black Taxi with NEW Royal Arcade Nail Jewellery  🙂
They have a BIG event happening Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July. It is part of the Defining Beauty Event happening in Dundrum Town Centre. They will be doing Nail Consultations, Free File and Polish and Demo’s of the 3week Manicure. So ladies get yourself down to Nails Inc in BT2 Dundrum and get yourself nailed!

Seriously worth checking out 🙂



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